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    Where is the vendor for 500+ Leatherworking recipes?

    As the title says. I've been looking all over Twilight Highlands without luck. I have done every quest i can find, and i have unlocked every area as far as i know.

    Can someone give me the location?

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    Looking for this as well.

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    I haven't done it myself but as far as I know, the quest chain starts at your faction leader (for alliance it is Varian) and after the quest chain Highbank for alliance/Dragonmaw place for horde should be in the right phase so you can buy the patterns there. I think the name of the Alliance vendor is Alexandra Merriweather.
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    Horde or Ally? As horde I stumbled across a few vendors in Dragonmaw base (Main/first one not the one with dailies) that sell various recipes for mats; Forge costs elementium/pyrite, Tailors need their cloth etc...

    So if you're alliance maybe try all the NPCs in the Wildhammer base.

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    It's in twilight highlands, to the side of where you spawn(High bank) when taking the portal.

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