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    Quote Originally Posted by crsh1976 View Post
    It doesn't affect me, but I'm kinda weirded out by those hardcore types that are already 85 and halfway through the first raid 2 days after Cata came out.

    Yeah, the leveling portion is fairly easy and those who were in beta know their way around, but that's still odd to me.
    ya, great teamwork and really awesome preparation are usually odd and rare things for wow players

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redjack View Post
    "Blackscale Mistresses and Blackscale Raiders in Twilight Highlands now spawn less frequently and award less experience per kill."

    so he is just a lame cheater / exploiter as always, hope he get banned and/or a level reset.
    Just because Blizzard fixed something they obviously overlooked and he used it before they fixed it doesn't mean he should be banned...

    With that logic everyone playing SPriest right now is exploiting because we know Blizzard is going to fix them, and therefore all players should be banned and have their levels reset because they are using a "broken" mechanic to their advantage.

    There's nothing wrong with people finding loopholes and using them to their advantage...he did the research to find it and clearly not many other people stumbled across the same thing so he deserves the credit.

    Besides it's not like hes got his face in the camera screaming WORLD FIRST BITCHES.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zmetak View Post
    athene did it again, congratulations! Im eager to see his research
    You mean the place where he found mobs respawning at an abnormal rate? An exploit?

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    Good job on the World's First.

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    So, after seeing that video people still feel Athene deserves world first?
    He hit each mob once and let like 15 other people deal with it...

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    Stop saying a guy that had other people do things for him got world first. It's basically multiple people playing the same character.

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    Everyone is freaking out about this world first from Athene, and they should be. By his own words he "cheated", he tagged mobs which OK isn't cheating but, using heirloom gear and the infinite spawn point now that was cheating, beings that using exploits to level or do anything in the game is against the terms of service. He should be stripped of the achievements and rolled back to 80 just like they rolled him back to 70 for the Lich King xpac. I mean hell it wouldn't really be that big of deal for him right it only took him 5 hours to level up.

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    So can i do the exact same thing he did and call it good in five hours?

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    grats on the achievement but they talk like if he were bill gates or manchester united couch or somthing like that... what a jerks

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    Athene trolling as always, when will people stop to care about this attention whore?

    About the character renders: how come my alts already have a render, but my main does not? /roar

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    Okey, fair enough that Athene has the motivation and dedication, aswell as the ability to talk several zombies into helping him out doing this, and congratulations to him for getting the world first. However, what i find is fucking-no-go, is that video he posted, which even made it to the frontpage here on MMO. One thing is saying "Yay, i did it, thanks to these people", but then turning the entire video into one fucking commercial for his "science project", which has no relation to the world first, is just disgusting. The video has nothing to do with the world first, and is just one big stunt to get people interested in his project. Which sounds lame. Boo.

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    You know, despite the apparent sincere humility, I really can't help but feel he's setting up for an incredible troll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PetersenIII View Post
    You know, despite the apparent sincere humility, I really can't help but feel he's setting up for an incredible troll.
    You have no idea who he is do you? "Athene" is an act, nothing more. Do you have any idea what him, Tania, or the rest of the group does with iPower? Its a great thing. There is no need for him to set up and "incredible troll", you, along with 99% of the people in this thread have already been trolled by a fictional character.

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    While Athene is an act, he really is an amazing player. He has held rank 1 in all 3 brackets as well as finishing rank 1 in multiple seasons. People don't understand trolling and that he makes money for views on youtube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyiran View Post
    What got him banned last time was the specifc way he was tagging - inside an instance he dropped group tagged the mobs, then get reinvited. the group helps him kill the group but he got full exp. that specific method is what blizz called an exploit
    "Called" an exploit? That's positively ridiculous, and is most definitely cheating, and can, in no way, be called the method of an honorable player.

    Quote Originally Posted by ragdoll View Post
    It actually really isn't. The whole Athenelol is a fictional character created and played by Bachir Boumaâza. That guy is a genius in oh so many ways. Not to mention he is a weird but brilliant political activist. =>
    Reading the wikipedia article doesn't do much to improve him or his character in my eyes. I only see him as, honestly, a huge troll. He meets the criteria for one. I've never seen an example of where he would act outside the realm of "trolling" and, suffice to say, I'm not impressed... From what I can recall of the torture I recall as watching a number of his videos to see if I was simply missing something and just did not understand ... he's someone who purposely and deliberately starts an argument in a manner which attacks others on a forum, or something similar, without in any way listening to the arguments proposed by his or her peers. He will spark of such an argument via the use of ad hominem attacks (i.e. 'you're nothing but a fanboy' is a popular phrase) with no substance or relevence to back them up as well as straw man arguments, which he uses to simply avoid addressing the essence of the issue. I have an issue with actions like this, and generally BEING like this because it's poor sport in debate/conversation, and usually leaves me frustrated that someone willfully, and blatantly ignores possibly factual evidence of things...

    Quote Originally Posted by Haldurion View Post
    As someone said already earlier. US gets raid content generally earlier than EU, but EU still has most world firsts. So I really don't think it matters. You can also do a comparison of the total time spent from 80-85 from launch.
    Consider also that this is a game by an AMERICAN company. I don't see how it would be an odd concept for the country of the game's origin to be the people getting it first. Sure, if EU can compete, and get their world firsts in good time, power to them.

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    5 hours .... insane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pickley View Post
    So, after seeing that video people still feel Athene deserves world first?
    He hit each mob once and let like 15 other people deal with it...
    Yeah, I really don't get all the excitement about any of these World/Server Firsts. All it's about it seems is having a lot of other characters (either from multiboxing/having other players do it) kill mobs you tag at some spot where there's a lot of them and they respawn quickly. Not very exciting or interesting, and in the grand scheme of things.....pretty pointless.

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    I don't see too many Athene haters. I see WAY too many fans though. It's really annoying.

    I don't see anything special about the way he leveled- I mean 99% of us are not gonna have a bunch of friends kill stuff while we tag. He didn't do it the normal way, so whoever did it without doing anything special is the true World First.

    Same thing he did last expansion, cept this time "legal" because it wasn't in an instance and he wasn't cutting out the group experience. I mean if it makes so many people happy, great...But how did this really help most people?

    He is kind of cute though, and so is his accent :P

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    Not interested in first 85s that much, but I am disappointed that raid content will be cleared within days of release again.

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    As a real research scientist, I find his claim of doing this to raise awareness of his research laughable. Neuroscience and physics? On his own? Without university or industry support? I suspect his so called research is just going to be him spouting off his beliefs.

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