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    I love Russian girls in short skirts. So Tennis was easy to get into. I grew up watching Seles and Caprioti and Sabatini but nowadays, wow. There are a ton of hotties. I can't play it worth a damn, having played baseball, the natural uppercut I had going on meant for a lot of lost tennis balls.

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    this is a random thread? any ways i enjoy watching tennis but im completely terribad at actualy playing it

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    Tennis is kinda boring really.

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    It's not boring to play. I love playing doubles, it's so much fun and adrenaline.
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    Bitchez don't know bout my tennis!

    ot (?): I like russian girls in short skirts.

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    Pro Tennis is riddled with great-looking Women starting back with Tracy Austin, Chris Evert-Lloyd (Spelling), Stephi Graf and moving on to Capriati, Justine Henin, Anna Chakvetadze, Agnes Szavay, etc, etc.... if you enjoy beautiful women in an athletic setting, there is no better sport for this viewing than professional tennis imho
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    I stopped watching the mens game when Marcelo Rios and Michael Chang left, but i'll watch the match if there is a hottie I like. I can't watch a Venus vs Serena.

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    Tennis: The most deceptively difficult sport of all time.
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    I remember playing the s**t out of Mario Tennis for the N64, does that count?

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    Tennis is a sport usually played in teams of two players or between two players each. Each player uses a racquet to hit a tight hollow rubber ball over the net to include the other hand, the right thing. Tennis is an Olympic sport, and play at all levels of society of all ages.

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    I used to play this a year ago. Badminton was my main sport but I think I played tennis for 3 years and I can still beat all my friends in it.
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    Hey there, been playing tennis here for about 12 years. It's never too late to start if you enjoy it!
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    I usually dont watch Tennis..
    but I like to watch caroline wozniaki when she plays..
    1 she is hot and
    2 she looks good while playing also
    3 damn those shorts look good on her

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    lol This is true, Caroline is nice to watch. I loved the match where she was bumped by Sabine Lisicki. She was all, wtf??

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    I love playing tennis, it just sucks when your doubles partner gives up on you and you have to cover the entire court by yourself. Damn that was a workout, three matches with the best out of three sets advancing, I actually won one.

    I also get slightly annoyed watching women's tennis due to their screams when they hit the ball, I watch men's tennis and my favorites are Nadal and John Isner.
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    I played Tennis once, thought I'd be smart and hit the ball as hard as i can, and so it disappeared somewhere in the woods behind the court :|
    Never had a chance to play since though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grevlinghore View Post
    Tennis is kinda boring really.
    watchin' Federer is never boring...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItachiZaku View Post
    I love Russian girls in short skirts.
    This is the only statement you said which I believe to be fact.

    MORE OT: I used to play tennis quite a bit, but earlier this summer, I ran into a tennis net, and fucked my right leg up something special :P So, no more sports, and hardly any walking now days. Tis sweet :P
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    I used to play Tennis in the late 80's and early 90's until my knee got all kinds of messed up. Very fun sport and like mentioned earlier, deceptively difficult as well to play effectively. I wish I could still play at the level I used to be able to... I had a mean serve and with my reach, covered the court pretty easily.

    And Russian girls in short skirts is a very good thing

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    Women's tennis is in a terrible state, quality of play wise.

    Men's tennis is at a all time high, with the two best players ever competing in the same time frame. One of them would allready be a blessing, two of them is just heaven.
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