Poll: Easiest Cataclysm Heroic

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    Deadmines was ridiculously easy to me. I don't see how that was hard to anybody. The hardest fight to me is probably the second boss because people are always standing on the bombs....

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    Apparently, "all heriocz r facerol" but spelling is much, much harder...

    I voted for the VP. Stonecore was the hardest.

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    The most dangerous thing I found in Vortex Pinacle was getting thrown off the edge and having to wait for half the group to spin back up :P

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    VP is really easy..second boss is a bit hard on melee dps but there are actually areas you can completely miss the tornadoes..granted you still need to worry about the upwind and downwind crap.

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    BRC is a cakerun now, and has allways been. Only problem is the nubs that don't know what to do on the 2nd boss.

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    Vortex Pinnacles is probably the easiest. The first boss was bugged for the longest time, people just stood next to the boss with no consequences. The wind dragon boss doesn't hit hard and a tank can almost solo the last 30%. Same with the last boss, a tank and a DPS can probably solo the last 50%?

    After all the adjustments & nerfs Deadmines has become one of the easiest, sure, but pre-nerf, that place was a pug killer, one of the longest dungeons ever at release by far.

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