Poll: Easiest Cataclysm Heroic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alski View Post
    Unless the 5 of you got carried thru HLK i don't see how you could be having problems with heroics unless your just charging in blindly without knowing what to do, i have been clearing them with pugs rather easily.
    There are still plenty of mechanics in the heroic fights that has to click for a fight to go through smoothly. Third boss of Blackrock Caverns for instance, where it can be a pain to apply the proper tactics to the boss, since it moves so unpredictably at times (it's hard to fully control a mob).

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    I found throne of the tides to be faceroll
    This bro quit the game but still loves the game and will be back for MoP!

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    Lost City, Halls of Origination and Throne of the Tides. Vortex meh, I don't like the trash...

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    I haven't completed a heroic yet. Usually tanks that still think Wrath mechanics. or DPS that needs 20 minutes to find the CC skills they have.
    So far i've only done the first boss and Corla in Blackrock Caverns. So Unfortunately I can't say i know of an Easy heroic yet. But I'm working on it.

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    Done HoO, VP, DM, BRC and Uldum.
    VP and HoO seemed easy with BRC and DM being a pain, Uldum was mediocre. Could be because I pugged the ones that seemed hard.

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    I'd say Stonecore. Place is quick and easy, like most Heroics.

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    Vortex Pinnacle for sure. The bosses are absolute jokes. Most of the heroic bosses have raid-amounts of abilities, but each of the VP bosses have like three spells. It's really depressing, honestly.

    Second on the list would be Halls of Origination and Deadmines. Halls of Origination is very lackluster on heroic as well, but there are at least mechanics that can kill you, unlike Vortex Pinnacle. The only 'hard' Deadmines boss is the optional one assuming somebody knows how to use the vehicle in the third fight, and since it is optional, I'm not including it.
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    I've only been doing them through LFD but Deadmines is the only one that I've not been able to finish. Every group fails on Ripsnarl.

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    I vote for Grim Batol. I did it on the 1st day with a warr tank, a holy pala, a moonkin, a sp and a mage (me). I know what you think about it, but once you find the key mechanic on each boss it becomes easy enough to make it through in an hour.

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    why is stonecore last? I wasn't sure wether I should take VP or SC.
    The most difficult is deadmines imo. That's the only one we wiped and called it on the 7th dec. (we didn't get to kill Ripsnarl. unfortunaly we didn't know about the house-exploit at that point of time)
    The rest was clear on the first day.

    Most difficult one including achievements would me the lost city of tol'vir. Headed South is incredibly challenging with the current gear, but makes my new dragon look even better

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    HoO is really easy actually. Trash at start is harder than the bosses. :P

    Vortex Pinnacle is also easy but sometimes you get problems with second boss and somebody almost always dies on the Stars.

    I am very suprised Grim Batol is last atm though. I think that only the last boss can be a bit hard.

    The dark trogg on the first boss is easily killed by a Hunter with a /target trogg /cast distracting shot macro
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    All are pretty easy, but I voted Halls of Origination. It's not quite as easy as Vortex Pinnacle, but you get 7 bosses (490 JP, 8 items, 1 orb) from it, and it's one of the faster heroics since there isn't much trash.

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    100th vote for The Vortex Pinnacle, easiest heroic for sure.

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    SFK is the easiest, only challenging boss is the ghost general guy. Hardest HC might be deadmines or Lost City.

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    Shadowfang keep and throne of tides are a joke. So is most of BRC.

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    Throne of the Tides. Though, I haven't done Vortex Pinnacle.

    Three out of four bosses in Throne of the Tides hardly felt like bosses(third boss the only one posing any real 'danger' to my group). However, Throne of the Tides is also my favourite instance because of the design and trash, and while the bosses are easy, they're quite entertaining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrickstarr View Post
    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I've gotten into everyone one of those, and never once killed a single boss. They're all way too hard. I have an iLevel of 330, and I'm a DPS.
    thats because you need a group of 5, silly!

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    HoO gets my vote, also like the amount of gear and JP you get from it.

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    SFK. The only "tough" boss (Commander Springvale) can be skipped, and even he isn't that bad if your group doesn't suck (although you need 2 players with interrupts). Everybody else was faceroll easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oxna View Post
    Steelbender? found him really easy with a 1k resi geared holy priest healing, dk tank, ele sham surv hunter and fury warrior with 346 iLvL or less gear allround
    What does the resilience on a holy pally have to do with anything?

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