Poll: Easiest Cataclysm Heroic

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    VP or DM. Although VP has the worst pull in the game with those stupid stars.

    BRC is interesting...I've only killed one boss in there and it was the 3rd boss, the supposedly hard one. It's really nothing more than 2-3 stacks, rinse, repeat. The boss I found hard as hell was the stupid dog.

    Surprised Grim Batol is so low. It took us 45 minutes today.

    Still would like to try HoO.
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    Haven't done Grim Batol yet.
    But beside that:

    Easiest is Vortex Pinnacle and Hardest I'd say Throne of the Tides (some of the trash there is just disguisting :S)

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    i think lost city is the easiest, tactics are pretty easy just the healing is offkey sometimes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanksenior View Post
    Yeah, all of you saying that it's easy because you facerolled it with your guild or friend group doesn't say anything. Everything is easy if everyone knows what to do. Try pugging BRC and you'll find that 9 out of 10 tanks can not pull off the 3rd boss, they just can't do it, no matter how many times and in how much detail I explain the tactics to them.
    The question was "what do you think is the easiest cataclysm heroic", not "all factors taken into account, what instance would objectively speaking be the most difficult". This poll is measuring individual impressions

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    Deadmines is easy when handled well.

    Lol, only tried Deadmines.

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    halls or origination only first 2 trashpacks make me a bit emo but after thats its easy

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    In my opinion there are many easy Heroics, it all just depends on what group you are going with. However the one I have wiped the most on is second boss in Grim Batol which has so much RNG in it, so putting that as hardest.

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    Vortex Pinnacle as for me)
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    After many wipes in Shadowfang, Stone Core and Grim Batol I was surprised no one even died the first time we did Vortex Pinnacle HC, so I think it's definately one of the easiest Cataclysm Heroic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamslam View Post
    The boss I found hard as hell was the stupid dog.

    Lol i hope this is a joke because the dog is piss easy, just cc his little dogs and tank n spank, prob the easiest heroic boss out there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrickstarr View Post
    They're all guildies who have killed LK H with me, and did Uld hardmodes. They aren't shitty players. I know that.
    They are if they can't handle Cataclysm heroics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by messi4h View Post
    Vortex Pinnacle, only problem is the trash right before the last boss, those stars do a lot of aoe damage, i had to spam prayer of healing (as shadow priest) to help our healer keep the group up. Although i have not played Throne of Tides yet. Hardest would be Deadmines imo.
    As a warlock this is actualy quite easy, if you have demo spec pop meta + hellfire and whirlwind of pet in the middle let the healer focus a little bit on you and its done.

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    From my experience - doing the Heroics with a guild group (ie, competant players) they were all challenging, none 'easy' and was the most fun I had since TBC except beating 25m LK Heroic. When it comes to PUGs/LFD however its a whole different ball game tho. None are easy imo as you find yourself spending 2-3 hours in a dungeon replacing people more than killing stuff. Also noticed alot of people join/quitting when they see a specific dungeon pop..

    The easiest I have found to be so far has been Halls of Origination. I think this is simply due to the lower end tank dmg and one of those places that alot of the dmg can be avoided easily so puggers with half a brain can make a difference. Next in line I would say Vortex. Hardest thing about this place is the arcane trash packs. Lastly, Tolvir. Again like Vortex, easy enough bosses with straight forward tacs and avoidable damage – so long as you have some CC its nps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangerine View Post
    tolvir -> wipe at first boss for hours
    SFK -> wipe at first boss for hours
    vortex -> hours of wiping at those arcane thingies
    grim batol -> dont get me started..

    i havent really been into an "easy" heroic so far.
    SFK first boss? Really?

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    Vortex pinical is a joke really it's smooth even with the worst group i've found the trash to be harder then the boss's from a healer PoV they just seem to hit harder and take away more mana then the boss fights do at all
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    Vortex pinnacle has the easiest bosses bar none. There is no danger of anyone dying ever. Deadmines is decently difficult as well.

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    I would say Vortex Pinnacle because it trains you for the other dungeons.

    Boss 1 of VP: Most people all stack in the center (unless you have a hunter, they stay out) and stand in the very middle for the "safe spot". The tornadoes are not that big and you won't get clipped by them. I forsee a hot fix for this in the future, so you may as well practice weaving in and out of the tornadoes which rotate in a ring. Pretty easy to practice avoiding.

    Boss 2 of VP: The dragon gives people so much trouble because they don't realize that you have to FACE the dragon WITH the wind at your back for you to get the haste buff. Once I realized this (as a healer), it was easy. Nobody told me this detail. First priority-- avoid tornadoes (these move randomly), take your time moving to a SAFE position where you can face the boss with the wind at your back and get in 8-10 seconds of raw DPS.

    Boss 3 of VP: Siamat is easy. Make sure you have a magic dispeller. The LFG system should provide you with one. You can also jump right when Siamat starts casting Static Shock, and you will not get rooted. There is also an achievement for this.

    SO, if you are looking for an entry level heroic to pop your heroic cherry, start learning Heroic VP. The mechanics in there will prepare you for things like Throne of the Tides when the tornadoes move sporadically instead of in a circle.

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    Throne of Tides is absurdly easy.

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    Vortex pinnacle was really easy so it gets my vote. The hard thing on Throne of Tides is the trash >.<

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    all heroics are the easiest unfrotunately

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