Poll: Easiest Cataclysm Heroic

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    Throne of Tides together with Vortex Pinnacle, for sure.
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    They're all quite easy, but the easiest ones would probably be either SFK or Throne of the Tides.

    Soloing Phase 3 of the ozumat encounter ftw . DK Tank <3

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    Each heroic has notably annoying/difficult areas. Vortex Pinnacle has one trash pull that is not even really hard but annoying with a bad group. All the bosses are absurdly easy. Every boss in there could easily be duo'd be a tank and healer.

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    Deadmines i the easiest one! It's not hard at all if you got a party that knows what he/she should be doing. Vanessa is more of an old school "dodge the sparky, moving, deadly stuff" fight then a hard combat...

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    Vortex pinnacle.

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    Vortex Pinnacle :3

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    I'd say Halls of Origination and VP.

    Whats interesting is that it's not the bosses that make the instances hard for me, its the trash. And I think blizzard overdid it with certain trash and could invest a bit more in some bosses. Springvale is a nice example of a hardish boss if u don't pay attention and execute perfectly.

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    HoO is rly easy with capable people but with no XP id say stonecore

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    I'd have to say VP or Lost City as the easiest, probably VP as #1. Having issues with Grim Batol atm, Stonecore was actually very easy once we got the mechanics on the 2nd to last boss down and got an attempt in where he doesn't bug out.

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    Vortex pinnacle is stupidly easy.. The trash is harder than the bosses.

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    BRC takes the throne. VP and TotT are close behind.
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    Lost City for me, as long as the healer is good that is.

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    Definitely Vortex Pinnacle--the only trouble my group has is on Altairus, because people are confused by the wind mechanic.

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    Lost city. CC packs a bit and ur done. root bottom mobs from those towers and laugh at them as you torture them to death from distance. dodge a bit of bombs and flashy yellow graphics@firstboss. kill a few ads @croc, and no need to even kill any of the ads @ 3rd boss, siamat: oh, kill 3 of those, nuke boss.

    dps perspective, i heard from a pally healer that this is a quite shitty hc to heal, but well, for dps it is just plain boring, at least the all hardmodes are decently challenging

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    Has got to be Vortex Pinnacle, really good place, but oh so easy.

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    Has to be Vortex Pinnacle for me. The only hard thing in there is certain trash packs if you don't have a lot of CC, and the wind mechanic on Altairus, which can be confusing. If you're not paying enough attention, you'll easily get caught in a whirlwind or whatever they're called while trying to find the sweet spot to stand, making it harder on the healer.

    SFK is very easy as well though, except maybe for Springvale. He's skippable though, so it doesn't matter.

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    Halls of Origination for me. The entire instance can be summed up by 'don't stand in stuff'. Love the egyptian/titan theme, too.

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    Lost City is by far the easiest one, in my opinion.

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    VP, and Lost City are by far the easiest imho. I havent gotten into a pug where we have failed in these instances.

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