Poll: Easiest Cataclysm Heroic

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    I'mma say SFK. Though H BRC is relatively idiot proof, there are seemingly a lot of tanks who just don't get it on karsh as well as the idiots who group kick you for suggesting don't let the stacks drop at all. Obviously letting the stacks get to 15 is the heroic achievement, so whether or not continuous stacking is the intended way of doing it, I can't be sure. Once you can get that through your tank's skull, it's pretty facerollable. Still. SFK. Optional boss is a bit of a trick but the trash is easy mode.

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    Well, now most ppl are decked in full iLvl 346 HC gear with one or more epics (rep/craft, more epics if u have started raiding). So atm, all of them are easy.

    Mechanic-wise, none of the HC bosses are really hard.

    The first HC i did, was Vortex Pinnacle. We had a mediocre healer, a really good tank (warr, so he couldnt heal himself), and 3 pretty good dps. Oneshotted everything, including trash.

    All the other instances had bosses that were harder with less gear.

    From a healer's point of view, I can say that the 2 last bosses in Lost City were incredibly hard because of the poor regen I had back then. Ripsnarl is impossible to heal before u get a decent amount of regen, and is, the hardest HC boss to heal.

    Throne of the Tides feels extremely undertuned when I do it now, but I never got to do it back when I had shitty gear, so cant say if it was hard or not back then.
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    I would say Throne of Tides. I have yet to wipe in this instance with pug groups.

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    vortex pinnacle by far. So far running the thing 4 times, haven't had one group that failed at it

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    vortex is the best ini to get for rnd daily;
    its short and there is a chance to get a drake

    and in difficulty equal to throne i guess, maybe even easier

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    Lost city of the Tol'vir
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    if you have a full group of good players, all heroics are really easy.
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    Vortex Pinnacle for sure

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    HoO. No doubt.

    As long as you skip directly to Rajh, that is.

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    Of course all the heroics are piece of cake, if you're in a group full of people who know exactly what they're doing. The thing is, there isn't really any RNG or something that could surprise you.

    By far the easiest one: Halls of Origination.

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    lost city of tolvir. due to it only takes 20min to clear it! vortex pinnacle trash is a pain tbh

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    I find Halls of Origionation to be the easiest generally, probably because if you can make it to the end 4 you can skip 3 and go right for the last one to get credit for finishing, then go back and do the rest if you want to.

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    Tol`Vir and Vortex Pinnacle are the easiest )

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    Tie between throne of tides and vortex pinnacle for me, trash in pinnacle littler harder though

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    I say VP... Mainly due to the simplicity of bosses, as long as people are smart. Hardest part of VP is the stars mobs. Even the thunderbolting mobs are easy, all you have to do is avoid the clouds.

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    VP second boss can be a real pug breaker.

    HoO by far, minus Setesh.

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    VP is a cakewalk. Other than the 2nd boss it doesn't feel any different, and the 2nd boss is pretty cheesy easy.

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    I'd say vortex pinnacle

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    It really varies from group to group.

    I've done dungeons where one comp went smooth as silk and antoher where I was the last one left from the start after like, 5 different rotations.

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    I belive TotT is the easiest, only the last boss can be realy challenging, and thats if the healer fails bad, I find sfk or HoO to be the hardest, and DM the longest
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