Poll: Easiest Cataclysm Heroic

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    i think Halls of Origination is the easiest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tandurin View Post
    BRC has my vote. My guild blasted through that without problems.
    yeah, our guild makes these heroics look like wrath heroics. we kinda just charge into mobs, pull extra mobs, and have fun. lol

    but i'll have to go with vortex. 1st guy is piss easy, 2nd guy is kinda annoying with tornados eeeeeverywhere and 3rd guy is cake. annoying as melee (me) but hey, you can't win all of them, right?

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    vortex pinnacle easily, only the stars are tough in there.

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    so far, easiest deadmines for me. Haven't tried VP yet tbh, but 10mins after dinging 85 with some crafted pvp blues I managed to heal it with less wipes than I ever had on any other heroic. (LOL @ Grim Batol ~20 wipes, managed to do it though ^^ )

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    I have only done few but so far the Sfk has been easiest. Had trouble interrupting heals at first boss but otherwise was smooth sailing.

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    i vote vortex pinnacle its a great instance but its not really that hard though i must admit the 2nd boss hits like a truck.

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    Throne of Tides was my first heroic and it wasn't very hard, assuming you get people who know how to follow tactics. The trash was the hardest.

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    Throne of the Tidea. Although VP after the trash nerf is easy as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by messi4h View Post
    Vortex Pinnacle, only problem is the trash right before the last boss, those stars do a lot of aoe damage.
    Have everyone run into the centre of the stars. If you stand too close to the stars, they can't/won't hit you - so it makes it cake.

    I'd say that the easiest is lost city followed by vp.

    Controversially, the best and worst pugs i've had were to Grim Batol. (Except for the almost guild group that I pugged into, which isn't much of a pug for them at least :P)
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    I voted HoO. Personally I've found it the easiest instance. After that would probably have to be VP.

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    23 people who voted Stonecore are either out of their minds, or only running guild groups with a high-end hardcore raiding guild.

    IMO Vortex Pinnacle is the easiest Heroic. Blew through it like it was nothing when I first hit 85. HoO is pretty easy too, except the first boss and the shadow boss on the 2nd floor.
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    I vote BRC.
    Good job Blizz though, all of the new HCs are quite challenging.

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    VP, no doubt. Not only its very easy and pretty much has nothing deadly but unlike others its also quite fast, doesnt even have that much trash etc.

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    Throne of tides i had to check we were on Heroic when i healed it. I seriously wondered what was up. I've only done Steelbender with my mate tanking for me, or a guild tank. Every PuG'd tank fails pretty harshly at that.

    Oh also, for ToT hc, the trash pulls before the Headcrab boss were pretty nasty i must admit, though most groups know to send a pet/minion in first to take the spear'ing. The twin ground pounders make me concetrate aswell, but boss wise... no problem.

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    Deadmines is the easiest, first boss to last has several mechanics but easy to memorize. Hardest is Grim Batol imo.

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    Grim Batol is just LONG. Admiral Ripsnarl is probably the most deadly boss right now.

    Quickest is HoO, if you just do the three required. Easiest would have to go to Stonecore.

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    Only hc i havent finished is SFK so i dont know about that, but the rest i did with a guild grp and it was unbeliavably easy compared to what people QQ so much about, the only thing i can say is probably that grim batol heroic is frustratingly boring

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    Shadowfang Keep

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    Lost city is ridiculously easy aside from the achievement off Siamat. I normally run with a guild group with blood dk, holy pally, surv hunter, and myself as shadow priest and I must say with trap and sting for cc as well using mind control on the plaguebringers and skinners the trash is laughable to the point the dk can keep himself up with death strike. As for bosses the first one is a joke I mean it's as if they put a watered down frogger boss in the game that comes with loot. For the second boss just stand in the water and you don't get any adds making this the easiest fight ever. for the Third boss simply have ranged nuke the bird then drop the boss second phase just burn souls and watch as the healer can afk from lack of damage. last boss is on par with the croc boss just burn adds then boss this fight is so easy it can be two manned by a healer and a tank.

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