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    Sinestra healing assignments

    So my guild is working on Sinestra 25. Atm phase 1 and 2 is working pretty well but we're always hitting a brick wall in phase 3 near about 60-70%. We know the two main reasons of this: wreck not dispelled properly and the whelp tank dying due to too many stacks Twilight Spit. Of course we're trying to work on this for the next raid.

    But now I have a question regarding healing assignments. We're going with two holy paladins (me being one of these) and we're both assigned to heal a tank. I'm standing abit back in the room with the whelp tank and 2-3 dps classes which are supposed to take down the whelps. Should I just beacon the tank and spamheal the dpsers or wouldn't that be enough healing since the whelp tank seems to take insane amounts of dmg. How do you guys sort it out? Is 1 healer normally enough for this job?
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    With 2 Paladins on tanks, you could both beacon the other tank and spam heal your own tank. That way, the other healers are free to deal with the raid. Have backups ready on both tanks in case you get targeted by orbs.

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    As Grondath said, cross-beacon the two tanks, direct heal the one you're assigned to.
    I believe vodka made a video guide for 25m Sinestra, I can't post any links yet so just search "sinestra guide" on learntoraid.
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    We do the whelps in a "wierd" way - we have the first 2x (from p1) waves of whelps killed off at the egg, and do 2x egg phases. Paladin tank bubbles stacks as they die first time at the egg, and when we enter p3, the stacks are just about falling off again.
    We then take the first wave at the very back of the room, with 2x hunters, the tank, and a resto druid. Kill off the whelps one by one in different spots, so that they do not respawn - we have all 5 downed by the time the second wave spawns. Repeat that, and then do it once more for the third wave - at that point, sinestra should be at around 30% with 20 seconds or so of the buff left. We then offtank wave 4, and 5 - (paladins bubble should be just about ready to reset the stacks when we start offtanking, or atleast partway through), and boom, kill.

    Pro's: All dps except the 2x hunters gets to full focus fire sinestra, only thing they have to worry about is cutters = less things to fuck up (gg running out to aoe whelps in the back and spawning cutters in bad positions, mowing half the raid down).
    Dont have to switch tanks, or bring the whelps into melee before theyre offtanked (meaning no chance of accidentelly killing off a fresh whelp and spawning a puddle in melee).

    Kills take longer than the "normal" method (8 mins up from about 6 mins - mainly due to spending alot longer in phase 2 as we do 2x egg phases).

    Bad rng with cutters in the back can be devastating and make you fall behind on whelp dmg (have a third dps'er assigned to step in if needed).

    The reason we chose a resto druid in the back healing the tank and dps/himself is simple -
    hots ticks INSANELY fast with the 100% haste, which means he can basicly pop rejuv on us and have us topped in no-time. If he gets a cutter, any other healer would all of a sudden have basicly nothing to rely on healingwise, while he still has hots rolling for 20K hps, and his emergency tree of life, making him able to spam regrowth even while running, thus making sure the tank doesn't die.
    Video of our kill (add tank perspective):

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    This is the best sinestra guide video.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracodraco View Post
    Video of our kill (add tank perspective):
    Is it just me or are you model edited to look like an owl? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puffpower View Post
    Is it just me or are you model edited to look like an owl? :P
    Looked like potion of Illusion to me.
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    We've always 6 healed it, as it seems to work for us (with a healer or 2 doing dps in p1 and on eggs).

    2 pallies, on a tank each, crossed beacons etc etc just healing the tanks, 2 druids blanketing the raid with hots, 1 priest (main dispeller) and 1 extra depending on who we have.

    If either of the pallies get cutter they HAVE to yell on vt or w/e so the other healers can cover their tank. And ofc Wrack needs dispelling correctly and again you have to have a back up dispeller who can see both wrack and it's duration in case the main dispeller gets a cutter at the wrong time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robo View Post

    This is the best sinestra guide video.
    Which is outdated as DPS classes can't do wrack anymore - we greatly prefer 6 healers to have one full time wrack healer (disc priest which means he can have fun with his shields and pain suppression on his wrack targets).
    As for assigning healers, that guide says nothing about which class should do what.

    And yes, thats a potion of illusion (take a look at the kill picture in the end, 22 seals. Kind of makes it obvious).

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