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Ive been able to get every achievment, except for Tol'Barad. Ive done the dailes for 6 days straight and the counter is still at zero. Really sucks cause im an achievment whore. -.-
Tol'Barad works, it's just hard to know. Mine show's 3 completed. The achievement is for dailies done IN Tol'Barad, not just at the zone. The 3 I was able to complete once at Baradin Hold when the Alliance had control are the ones that seem to count. The rest of them don't count it seems. Appears you need to get control of that area more often to complete it. I think the trampoline achievement in Hyjal is broken, too. Vash was a pain in my butt for a while needing 17 quests to get the achievement and having done all the quests except the elite giant one. Logged on one day and it was completed but still showing I needed to complete quests.