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    It got Aigis on the first try.

    I'm impressed.

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    Asher of Restharven; Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series.

    Didn't get it after 40 guesses questions so i gave up.

    It came up on the suggestion list when it asked me what i was thinking of, so i imagine if someone inputted him in there, they inputted false information.
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    Damn, I can't believe I never looked at this thread before... Curse you all I will have no sleep tonight!!!

    He guessed Rosa from FF4, Master Chief, Dom, Link, Goku, Gohan, Yusuke, and a few others I already forgot.

    He failed to guess Heironeous from D&D, but he guessed Pelor several times, so he was close.

    Okay, it guessed Alaron from Aidyn Chronicles the first Mage. Now I'm impressed!
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    If Goku's power level increases at the same rate till the end of DBGT as it does till the end of the Frieza saga, as a SS4 Goku would have a PL of roughly 939 Quinoctogintillion. For reference that is a 260 digit number. A PL of 14,600 is required to destroy an earth sized planet. There are about 2 nonillion earths worth of mass in the universe. That means SS4 Goku can destroy the universe about 32 Octosexagintillion times over. There's a reason they made Goku a god at the end of GT.

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    O M F G this is sooo weird I cannot believe it :-O He even guessed Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov (Crime and Punishment)...

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    He got me

    He then got the Courier from Fallout New Vegas
    Amy Pond
    Hot Dog Princess
    : /
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    Yes, he couldn't defeat Nii-chan from Blue Exorcist!!

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    huh, he couldnt guess George RR Martin.
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    Billie Joe Armstrong. zomg.

    edit: Tried Arthas. He guess someone from MapleStory and then Leeroy Jenkins. LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post
    edit: Tried Arthas. He guess someone from MapleStory and then Leeroy Jenkins. LOL
    you are not answering the questions well.

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    He couldn't guess Marshal Windsor or Mor'Ladim.

    And when I tried Sandra Day O'Connor he guessed the Antichrist. ROFL.
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    OMG Stephen King >.<

    But he didn't guess Sandra Brown, lol. Akinator doesn't read BS apparently XD
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    did it with rebecca black he said " is your character looking forward to the weekend" YES:DDD

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