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    Unhappy ERROR #134 (0x85100086) Fatal Condition

    anyone had this problem , i was flying to uldum on my main, i get D/C and now everytime i try and get back on, wow closes and i see the error boxes where u have a choice to either send or cancel e.t.c it says ERROR #134 (0x85100086) Fatal Condition e.t.c

    i can go on any other chars on the same account and realm but tryign my main results in the latter! its pissing me off big time lol! any suggestions/help would be v v much appreciated!

    ive updated my g card btw!

    ERROR #134 (0x85100086) Fatal Condition
    Program: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe

    Failed to read file World\Maps\Kalimdor\Kalimdor_30_45_obj0.adt.

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    Same thing has been happened to me continuously especially when i queue for a dungeon, but it also happens while questing or anything else. I have reinstalled my game too many times which seems to lessen the errors for a short while, then it gets to the point where i cannot play.

    Would be great if anyone could provide any solutions.

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    Try the repair function, it has saved me many a time! If not, try and call blizzard ASAP in the morning seeing as how email will probably result in a week long wait ^_^ Hope this helped.

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    Ok GM jus told me it might be an add-on problem so im gonna go curse.com and install all the newest add-ons, he also said repair wow as that said post clarified , but i have already repaired and no luck , gimme a min and ill repost with the add-on result

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    well, i installed all the "new" add-ons" only to find that my server (bloodfeather) is offline.... lol.... no comment..

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    add-on change didnt work , still getting the error any sugestions?

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    the way i see it is , i cant play my main atm for some stupid reason!? it doesnt make sense lol playing 1 second then the next second i get an error , yet i can go on any other char on same realm e.t.c its a petty problem i hope , cause what i witnessed was very out of the ordinary/out of the blue. confuzzled/wtf
    im pissed and stoned and guess what all i wanna do is get this said char to an inn lol. my night has been destroyed! haha , anyway for those who like metal/hardcore music try Asking alexandria/the amity affliction/miss may i , im going to see them live at the 02 academy Birmingham then im going out after to get anihilated (spelling goes down hill at 24+) maybe?. err ye , i once had a plan and it was demolished via a multi billionaire company that makes me feel placid. (PLACID) <--- no idea. that is all

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    Delete cache, data/cache, wtf and interface folders, that should clear most crash related problems.

    If you don't want to delete your addons and addon settings, just rename wtf and interface instead of deleting.
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    @OP: Watch the language.
    Might be a HDD-read error.

    Could you burn this ISO image with Imgburn and boot from that CD?

    Please perform a full test and let us know if any errors show up.

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    try reinstalling the game also. i've had this happen before and had to reinstall
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