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    Orgrimmar to Cataclysm zone portals

    As many of you may know, there's a "portal hub" in Orgrimmar to take you to the new Cataclysm post 80 zones. Great idea and makes for smooth transitions while leveling, I thought. However I've noticed that some portals are missing, at least for me. So far as I can see, you get the portal to each zone after you've visited the starter area and/or done the introductional quest.

    I've now done 50 some quests in Mount Hyjal and am yet to see the portal to take me there. And last night I was given the introductional quest for Uldum, where the quest text even tells me there's a portal to take me to Tanaris, still, I had to fly down there.

    Does anyone else have this problem? And/or has anyone seen an official recognition of the problem? My googling and EU Battle.net forum searches were unable to provide me with an answer.

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    Did you just fly to Hyjal? you had to take the org quest i think.

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    I've had the same problems, Hyjal doesn't appear, the tanaris portal didn't spawn, and he twilight highlands one hasn't appeared

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    Yeah, last night got the breadcrumb quest for Uldum and the portal wasn't there. Only one showing was for Hyjal. Got to hit a couple archaeology sites on the scenic route though!

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    I have the same issue. I only have Vashjir and Deepholm, no Hyjal although I did the breadcrumb quests and did about 20 ish quests there before switchign to Vash.

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    I have seen it mentioned that the Hyjal portal is for some reason not showing up until you've started in Twilight highands. Haven't been able to confirm this for myself yet though...

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    i have also noticed this issue, i guess well have to fly...

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    I don't think there will be one for Hyjal, never ever saw one in my 3+ month beta.
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    As someone who has done all of the Hyjal quests, I can tell you the portal never appears where it should (assuming those curly branches are where it should be). Bet it gets hotfixed soon.

    On the bright side, at least deepholme/vash portals both work. That would be a pain if they didn't.
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    I've all 5 portals and can enter them all. Altought mine Mount Hyjal portal appeared when i completed Twilight Higlands introduction quests.

    Edit: Proof: img593.imageshack.us/img593/8661/wowscrnshot121010145904.jpg
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    Can´t you just talk to the Tauren in Valley of Wisdom to go there?

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    the way i got to uldum... i had my HS still set to dalaran, used the port to caverns of time, and flew over, lucky i was doing my baby teeth quest so it was not really out of my way..

    done a few quests in hyjal and still not got the portal, only got the Vash and deepholm ones

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    I'm not too concerned about MH. It is not a long flight there. I did take the boat to UC and flew to Vash once before i even knew those portals were even there. What a noob mistake.

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