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    21 4.75%
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    38 8.60%
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    32 7.24%
  • 12 Hours +

    49 11.09%
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    50 11.31%
  • 18 Hours +

    74 16.74%
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    47 10.63%
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    131 29.64%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadfuert View Post
    45hours.. I could not sleep and was bored... then nodded off weirdly one the best sleeps I had ever had xD
    45 hrs! o.O

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    I spend alot of time on wow but i thionk when SC2 came out i was on for 48 hr non stop with i think one 2 min break lol

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    30+ hours when BC was released.
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    During the launch of WotLK, I was busy with coursework at Uni, so I didn't start playing until the start of December. As I also rerolled an alliance DK, I had a bit of catching up to do to play with my brother. I levelled from 55-80 in a little under a week, with the last gaming stretch being about 36 hours in one go to get the last few levels...I had a little nap afterwards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadilac View Post
    Man, I can't even play for 4 hours straight without my eyes getting sore. I don't know how ya'll do it.
    I've played from like 6-3 or something, not obscenely long but was as long as I could stand to >.>

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    104 hours.

    I'm not even joking either. A friend and I had a week to ourselves not long after the release of The Burning Crusade expansion and we took up this opportunity to see how long it would be possible to stay awake and play WoW. We spent most of the time in dungeons and heroics until we became so zombified that we were unable to interact with fellow players. We decided to level up some new characters together at our own speed.

    My friend fell asleep at 96 hours and I managed to continue on for another 8 before I facedesked and just fell asleep at the computer. Next thing we knew it was 30-36 hours later.
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    48 Hours Straight on the cata lvling run.. And no it didn't take me 48 hours to level up, I just felt the need to spam DG's when i hit cap.

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    hm.. the longest i've ever played must have been something like 12-15 hours straight.

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    i lost track after 18 hours..... my mind turned to mush
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    Once I've done a 48h+ stunt during BC.

    My head was pretty messed up after it. But after solid 15 hours of sleep everything went back to normal.

    Oh, and apparently a Korean gamer died after only a 12 hour game session.

    Looking at the poll's results I'd say that we're all pretty hardcore.

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