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    Restoration Shaman Cataclysm Guide

    Welcome to the cataclysm Restoration Shaman Guide.

    Updated for 4.0.6! If there's something missing please let us know.

    First off a big thanks to: Radux + Instant (and all the lovely hardcore raiders who keep me informed, you know who you are <3) for all the help and input on this guide.

    Please note this is being written VERY early into Cataclysm. Things can and will change + some information may be incorrect as it is still being tested. I have done my best to get as many opinions as possible on this and got as much information as I could from other reliable sources, as well as my own.
    Do not use this thread for asking questions or discussing problems with restoration. The only posts here should be debating the FAQ or theory crafting how to heal more effectively
    If you have read the entirety of this thread and still have your question unanswered feel free to make a thread about it (hopefully you won’t need to).

    Common abbreviations used throughout this guide:
    HW: Healing Wave
    HS: Healing Surge
    ES: Earth Shield
    WS: Water Shield
    ELW: Earth Living Weapon
    CH: Chain heal
    HR: Healing Rain
    UE: Unleash Elements
    MTT: Mana Tide Totem
    HST: Healing Stream Totem
    HoT: Heal over time
    SWG: Spiritwalker's Grace
    Oom: Out of mana

    1) Talents
    2) Glyphs
    3) Restoration spells
    4) Stats
    5) Gemming
    6) Enchants
    7) Gear

    1) Talents:
    Talents have changed much since WotLK. The trees are now 31 points and many talents are now optional, this allows a lot more freedom when selecting talents. However some talents are still compulsory and should always be taken.

    Restoration Tree

    Ancestral Resolve
    This is an optional talent. If you find yourself dying a lot or if there is heavy raid damage in cataclysm content this may be worth taking.

    Tidal Focus
    This is a compulsory talent if you suffer from no mana issues ever, then you may want to pick up some filler talents instead.

    Spark of Life
    This is a compulsory talent. 6% increased healing + more survivability in one talent.

    Improved Water Shield
    This is a compulsory talent. Our mana regen talent. Do not ever skip this.

    Totemic Focus
    This is an optional talent. The only reason you would take this is to increase mana tides duration. Judge if you or your raid needs this talent to be taken.

    Focused Insight
    This is an optional talent. If timed right you can produce a powerful heal, which could save a player from dying. If you have spare GCD it can be worth getting. Unfortunately we have no hit rating, therefore if you miss it is a waste of a GCD and mana. If you do decide to use this talent, use flame shock.
    Note: This spell DOES NOT save you mana. It will increase the heal and reduce the cost by a percentage. But because you had to spend mana on the shock in the first place you will end up spending more mana using this spell.

    Nature’s Guardian
    Generally considered worth skipping. A pvp talent, but if you find you pull aggro to much in a 5m environment by healing then feel free to take it (or get a new tank).

    Ancestral Healing
    This is a compulsory talent. Even if you have a Priest in your raid, it is still worth taking this talent as they overwrite each other.

    Nature’s Swiftness
    This is a compulsory talent. Our only cooldown currently in game, can be used to quickly save a player.

    Nature’s Blessing
    This is a compulsory talent. If you ever have to throw a heal onto the tank this will improve the healing.

    Soothing Rains
    This is a compulsory talent. In a raid someone will have the Mana Spring buff taken care of (usually through Blessing of Might), so you'll use HST. HR and HST both provide excellent AoE healing. This talent is great.

    Improved Cleanse Spirit
    This is a compulsory talent. Not much to say here, unless you never ever have to dispel should you skip this.

    Cleansing Waters
    This is an optional talent. If you find yourself dispelling lots of the time this talent will be greatly beneficial to you. It heals a reasonable amount while reducing the mana cost. Some raids prefer Shaman to be on dispel duty solely because of the extra healing.

    Ancestral Awakening
    This is a compulsory talent. Increases your scope of healing when tank healing or spot healing. Should never be skipped.

    Mana Tide Totem
    This is a compulsory talent. This is our big mana regeneration tool. It provides 400% of the Shaman's static Spirit. Trinket proc's can no longer affect the % modifier of the totem (thus giving like 21k combat regeneration). This may or may not mean that Shaman could start stacking Spirit to provide maximum mana return to yourself and the raid. Regardless, it's an awesome tool. Make sure you discuss/call out when to use yours with any other Restoration Shaman in your raid/group.

    Telluric Currents
    This is an optional talent. If you find time to throw some bolts then feel free to pick it up. It currently gives very little mana back. It has a chance to miss and has a large cast time. There are some encounters where TC can give back massive amounts of mana. The use of this talent will heavily come down to player preference and healing style.

    Tidal Waves
    This is a compulsory talent. Also one of the most important talents in the tree. With it being a huge boost to healing it should never be skipped.

    Blessing of the Eternals
    This is a compulsory talent. Since it lost the 4% crit bonus it has become fairly poor. But it will still give you more of a throughput boost to healing then the other optional talents. Unless you purely heal the tank, it should be taken.

    This is a compulsory talent. A instant single target heal, very useful when on the move , increasing the heal of chain heal and activating Tidal Waves.

    Enhancement Tree

    Elemental Weapons
    This is a compulsory talent. The talent grants a passive bonus to our ELW weapon ability while also increasing the benefit of UE by 50%.

    Improved Shields
    This is a compulsory talent. A flat 15% increase to our mana gained from WS and 15% increased healing to ES.

    Ancestral Swiftness
    This is a compulsory talent. The increase to run speed alone makes it worth taking. But now you can ghost wolf indoors. Making this is a fantastic ‘run out of fire’ ability.

    Elemental Tree

    Acuity is the only talent worth taking in the Elemental tree. It grants 3% crit to all our spells, this greatly helps in early content where crit is low.

    If you are unsure which optional talents to take, see these 2 specs:
    Without Telluric Currents or With Telluric Currents

    One final note about specs: Some major Hardmode Guilds have been using This spec. They gear haste heavy and essentially just keep HR on cooldown and use LB's (via TC) as filler. Ancestral Resolve + HST + Stoneclaw Totem are there for self + raid damage reduction. A true hybrid role, if you will. Note that this spec is not viable if your raid needs you at full time heals or to provide a consistent buff (Ancestral Fortitude). Also understand that more than likely, if you and your guild are using this cutting edge type technique, you probably won't need the information in this guide.

    2) Glyphs:

    Earth Shield
    Earth Living
    Water shield - If you struggle on mana (Replace ELW for this).

    Major glyphs:
    Chain heal
    Healing wave
    Healing stream totem
    These are the main 4 you should be using. The most important one here is Chain heal, Healing Stream Totem and Healing Wave glyphs can be swapped for other useful glyphs if needed (Hex, for example, can be used as a utility glyph for heroics).

    With the current damage in raids being so high, while our health pools being low due to gear, I would reconmend swapping Healing stream for Stoneclaw. Stoneclaw gives a personal 16k shield and can be a very useful tool if you know damage is incoming on yourself. (Thanks to Instant for pointing this out!)

    How do I heal now?
    Healing in cataclysm is very different to WotLK. Mana is now very important to watch, AoE healing has been nerfed to hell and spells have become very expensive.

    An example of this:
    WotLK healing: Spam chain heal on AoE fights. On non AoE fights, use riptide on CD and spam HW/LHW.
    This type of healing is dead. If you constantly chain heal you will be oom in seconds + have not made a huge difference health wise (CH isn't great right now).
    To understand how we heal in cataclysm you first must understand our new spells and how/when to use them.

    3) Restoration Spells

    Healing Wave
    HW is our spammable heal. It heals for a very low amount but you can spam this forever. This should be the spell you are using the most. Spam it when needed but learn when this heal will not save your target in time. If that is the case you need to switch one of your other, more powerful heals. It is highly recommended that you use this under the effects of Tidal Waves.

    Healing Surge
    Healing surge is our new “oh shit” spell. If a target is about to die, this can be used to quickly save them. It heals for a huge amount while being on a very low cast time (1.5s). But this spell costs a bomb to use. Under Tidal Waves this can almost guarantee a Crit. This provides huge amounts of healing, especially in conjunction of Ancestral Awakening.

    Greater Healing Wave
    Greater Healing Wave is like the old HW. It is a costly high strength heal. Use this when you know large burst damage is coming or with nature’s swiftness to save someone.

    Chain Heal
    Chain heal has seen better days. If there is a large amount of AoE you should be using our new spell Healing Rain. If this heal is not enough to keep up with the damage you can start using chain heal. For example there is a large amount of unavoidable AoE, you cast healing rain. The raid is still taking damage and is not very separated, now would be the time to start using chain heal. Currently this should be a last resort spell. It heals for a very low amount, has a long cast time and costs a high amount of mana.

    Healing Rain
    Healing rain is our new AoE heal. You should use this ability as soon as there is a large amount of AoE damage. Try to encourage players to stand in the rain as much as you can to increase the healing. It is costly, so you can’t keep it down 24/7, but use it when its needed. Healing Rain has the ability to crit and proc ELW on each tick of the heal. It is also affected by our haste and mastery, making this an extremely potent AoE heal.

    Unleash Elements
    Unleashed Elements is a new spell gained at level 81. You should be using this spell when there is about to be a large amount of damage incoming. The only other time you should use this spell is if someone desperately needs a quick heal and you have to move and riptide is on cooldown. If that is the case then feel free to use it.

    Riptide has not changed much since WotLK. You should use this spell to provide a HoT for incoming damage, to save some-one about to die, to heal on the move and to gain the tidal waves buff.

    Earth Shield has the same mechanics as it did before. It is more costly, so only refresh it when it is about to run out or already has done (1 stack or lower).

    Spiritwalker’s Grace
    This is a 2 minute cooldown gained at level 85. It allows us to cast when moving. Use this when you need to run to a target to get in range, or when you are having to move due to fight mechanics. It has a long cooldown so remember to use it wisely.

    Now you know what our spells do, you should be thinking of scenarios where you could have used them better. We have a large range of heals to use in raids/instances now. Use them.

    Some basic tips for new Shamans:
    For players just starting out with the shaman class, some basic tips:
    • Keep Earth shield on the main tank at all times.
    • We can dispel magic and curses, do so whenever it is needed.
    • Discuss when to use heroism/bloodlust with your group and use it when required. Try to have a dps use this since it actually costs quite a bit.
    • Manage your totems well, check to see if people are in range of them and if you are using the right ones.

    4) Stats:
    There will be mixed opinions on this. But I will state what I have found so far and after talking about it with others the best combination of stats. Right now the order of stats should look something like this (especially at very early gear levels):
    Spirit/Int > Crit > Haste/Mastery
    Now to explain why.

    As I have already pointed out before mana is a struggle in cata. An oom shaman = a dead group. Make sure every item you have has spirit on it, gem it/enchant/reforge it if needed. With our improved water shield talent, this is now our main source of regeneration. It is recommended to get about 2k in combat regeneration to be pretty comfortable (this can/will change on a per person basis).

    Intellect gives us spell power, mana and a small amount of spell crit. This will be on every item you own. It is, point for point, our most powerful stat. If you feel your heals aren't healing for enough, try to get some more!

    Haste, in WotLK the shamans best friend. Currently, not so much. If we are already struggling with mana, why make it worse for yourself by getting items with haste. That being said haste is still a very powerful stat for us. If you are comfortable with your mana and your healing play style, it is highly recommended to get about 916 haste rating so your ELW, Riptide (glyphed) and HR all gain an extra tick.

    Crit is now a very useful stat for us. It provides us with more healing, procs Ancestral Healing and Ancestral Awakening. It also is mana regen stat as it procs improved water shield. You should be aiming for crit as soon as you have enough spirit and int.

    Mastery is the new stat in Cataclysm that allows us to heal for more (with our direct heals) on targets with lower amounts of health. This means when healing a target with 100% health, we don't heal for any more than anyone else. However, if a target is at 1% health, we can heal for quite a bit more (24% base come 4.0.6). It is a large misconception that Mastery is our worst stat. This is simply not necessarily the case. Any fight where people take raid damage, your Mastery can help you heal for more for absolutely nothing. On the other hand, it is not recommended to stack Mastery at the expense of other stats, or if you are under geared.

    Once mana becomes less of a concern, you are able to worry less about regeneration stats and more about throughput stats. This is personally what I've used as a stat balance after I stopped going oom every other pull:
    Int > Spirit (until you have "enough") > First haste Softcap (916) > Crit = Mastery > More Spirit > More Haste

    A note to remeber: You need to keep in mind your role in a group, as well as your group size. If your raid relies on you to keep Ancestral Fortitude up on the tanks, you better be running a Crit heavy gear set. If you basically only raid heal, Mastery heavy gear can definitely be your friend. More haste can also be extremely helpful in both situations. Saying that there is only 1 way to gear is just wrong. Cataclysm has been great about giving us options as well as not having any really wasted stats.

    5) Gemming

    Useful gems you should be using:

    Meta (reconmended) - This gem can still be used temporarily, until you can get one of the cata metas.







    The gems I reconmend:
    Red -
    Blue -
    Yellow -

    6) Enchants

    Helm - (Hyjal Revered)
    Shoulders - (Therazane Exalted)
    Cloak -
    Bracers - or (4.0.6) [Note: Haste or Crit are also acceptable here if you need it]
    Gloves - or
    Legs -
    Boots -
    Shield -
    Weapon - or

    7) Gear

    Pre-raid Gear guide writtern and compiled by Instant

    I know that at this moment we need pre-raiding list more than BiS, but i decided to include epics (which drops from raids). They will be listed at the bottom of each armor piece segment. So if you want pre-raiding gear, take a look at those which are mentioned first.

    Spirit > Crit > Haste > Mastery

    No mail specialization. As for now my character (with few hc blues and blues) has 3276 INT unbuffed. 5% of that would be ~160 INT. At this moment i belive it's not strong enough to outweight stats on some cloth/leather armor.

    I'll add mail items though, even if they don't meet the criteria. Because we all now there often is drama when it comes to loot. But w/o additional info, if you wan't it, click it.

    To answer your question, why i'm mentioning crit only items - Reforge. If anything you can always reforge crit into some haste or mastery. In few cases i skipped over epic w/o crit and put it lower on prio list, but to be honest it's not much of a difference, and i always listed items so you could see what's the alternative. Only items that i left out are epics for reputation that do not have any spirit

    Buyable for 2200 JP from vendors

    No epic that meets criteria.

    Drops from Atramedes

    Drops from Halfus Wyrmbreaker


    Drops from Anraphet Halls of Origination

    Buyable for 1650 JP

    Drops from Elementium Monstrosity The Bastion of Twilight (Twilight Ascendant Council)

    Drops from Golem Sentry Blackwing Descen



    Buyable from vendors for 2200JP

    No Epic at all that meets criteria.



    Drops from Rom'ogg Bonecrusher Blackrock Caverns

    No epics that meet the criteria.



    Drops from General Husam Lost City of the Tol'vir

    Drops from Vanessa VanCleef The Deadmines

    Buyable for 1650JP

    Drops from Atramedes (Blackwing Descent)



    Drops from Temple Guardian Anhuur Halls of Origination

    Zone drop in Blackwing Descent

    There are two other belts, but somehow wowhead doesn't show where those drop :O


    Blacksmith Abasi Vendor in Uldum (revered reputation - easy to get)



    Drops from Karsh Steelbender Blackrock Caverns

    Provisioner Arok Vendor in Shimmering Expanse (Earthen Ring reputation) - very easy and awesome pants to get

    Drops from Asaad The Vortex Pinnacle (H)

    Drops from Overlord Sunderfury Twilight Highlands (rare elite mob)

    Drops from Maloriak Blackwing Descent


    Provisioner Whitecloud (hyjal reputation)
    Buyable for 2200JP
    Mmo db somehow bugged for these pants


    Boots are easy, get reputation with Earthen Ring and buy those:

    There is really no point in farming any other rep than ER as resto shaman. You can get 4 items that WILL help you, and two of them are BiS (legs and boots) until raids, and two of them are pretty damn nice (epic ring and hands afair). I won't list other boots cause it doesn't have any sense. If anyone thinks otherwise please say so


    Drops from Altairus The Vortex Pinnacle

    Drops from Halfus Wyrmbreaker The Bastion of Twilight



    Drops from Commander Springvale Shadowfang Keep (H)

    Drops from Drahga Shadowburner Grim Batol (H)

    No epics that meet criteria.



    Drops from Asaad The Vortex Pinnacle (H)

    Drops from Ammunae Halls of Origination (H)

    Zone Drop Blackwing Descent



    Drops from High Priestess Azil The Stonecore (H)

    Buyable for 700VP



    Drops from Ascendant Lord Obsidius Blackrock Caverns (H)

    Drops from Atramedes


    Buyable for JP



    Requires Baradin's Wardens - Revered

    Drops from Rom'ogg Bonecrusher Blackrock Caverns (H)

    Drops from Setesh Halls of Origination (H)


    Drops from nefarian... only weapon with spirit and crit

    And now... most arguable thing ever. Trinkets. Personally i always have few trinkets with me. Different fights require different approach. But for now i think most important thing to get is regen. Funny thing about regen is that it requires Spirit, and our Mana Tide boosts spirit by A LOT. So at this moment i'm aiming for two trinkets with Spirit. One of them is very easy to find:


    Buyable for 1600VP

    At this moment this trinket should double user's spirit. When i'll finally get it, i'm gonna make a macro to use this trinket and Mana Tide at the same time.

    However, there is one more trinket that i'd like to have VERY VERY MUCH.

    Drops from High Priestess Azil The Stonecore

    However if you're a JC by a chance, you can always make yourself:

    Craftable from JC

    With both trinkets up, AND mana tide you can get close to 25/30k MP5... Which basically means you get new mana bar every 3 minutes when Mana Tide is off the CD.

    There is also a spirit proc trinket, but it has mastery instead of intellect, it can be reforged, and if you ever see it, roll for it ASAP.

    Drops from Isiset Halls of Origination (H)

    That's it for trinkets as for now, those are what i'm aiming for, although it will take some time. Meanwhile you can always get:

    Which gives you 2850 MP5 if absorb will last for entire duration and another 5700 mana when it's gone. To maximize your MP5 you can use Glyph of Stoneclaw, this way you'll have ~20k absorb and hopefully you'll get more mana.

    This one is also not bad:
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    I would not be so quick with mastery.

    It depends. In 5-man-dungeons it's a stat not to be underestimated. Tanks are at low HP an awful lot of times and in that case with unleashed elements at Hand a greater healing wave can bring back a lot.
    I think, as a group healer in a raid, which most of us are not yet, mastery would be the least important stat. Haste would be back as an important stat then i think, 'cause CH is far to slow without haste.

    But as a tankhealer or in 5-mans Mastery can save the day. In/Spirit and Crit are still probably better, that's right. I would go so far to say that in 5-mans it's:


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    I thought I'd just mention, I find it really handy to chuck in a shock spell when ever possible. With the new talent Focused Insight then Unleash Elements, you get all up a 50% increase in power and a 75% decrease in cost, and when used with GHW its pretty amazing.

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    Decent guide....
    The talent build you have already premade is pretty much the ideal raid spec to go, though i've swapped out natures swiftness for ancestral resolve simply because its mostly a passive 5% damage reduction.
    Cleansing water talent is amazing, i cannot explain how great is it... You HAVE to dispel in cata because all heals are expensive and silly wotlk noobs who think you can out heal a debuff are wrong! reduce mana cost (its about the same mana cost as HW) and its instant cast + heal which is roughly the same as riptides direct heal.
    *edit* if theres a curse AND magic , itll heal for both debuffs!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I also took out the glyph of healing stream for totemic recall since we have a million paladins in our guild (so i shouldnt need to glyph something when there will be a holy paladin with it to AM) place totems earlier and let your mana regen to 100% and then during the fight when you're begging for mana just recall and you'll get an extra 750 mana, approx 1.5k in total (thats if you get stone/flametounge/healing/wrath air)
    I absolutely agree on mastery, it is so bad compared to holy paladins valaynr 2.0 and a few others, however holy priests mastery is just as bad as ours. if it buffed healing rain it would probably be an amazing mastery!!~~
    at the moment i honestly think stats wise;
    Spirit>Int>Crit>Mastery/Haste - I think haste is still a decent stat to have , but it all depends on what your role in raids is. Spirit stacking for healing rain will be amazing when ill be having 4.5k combat regen, im already sitting on 3k with flask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleTexta View Post
    I thought I'd just mention, I find it really handy to chuck in a shock spell when ever possible. With the new talent Focused Insight then Unleash Elements, you get all up a 50% increase in power and a 75% decrease in cost, and when used with GHW its pretty amazing.
    thats if you'll have enough hit rating in raids... which id be suprised if you did... tbh its more of a pvp talent in my eyes than a raiding talent.. though it does sound great for 50% extra healing.

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    I havent tested it yet but I dont think actually needs to land. The talent says 'After you cast any shock spell". Where as the Telluric Currents says its the dmg dealt. But i still take telluric its fun to spam when needed.. It gets me back up i spose.

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    Focused Insight required the shock spell to actually land. Plus Wind Shear doesn't count. Your best bet would be to use Flame Shock, because it has the lowest mana cost. You're also forgetting that it doesn't actually reduce the cost of the heal by 75%. It reduces it by 75% of the cost of the shock for an increase of 30% to a heal.

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    Personally, I don't think people should be really geming for Intellect, at least not yet, when you're starting to do heroics. Reforging to spirit when you can, and crit are the best ways. I find myself having everyone a live and going OOM at times, and it all comes down to how fast my mana goes back up. Thats just a situation that repeats a lot for me. Specially when your group is taking a lot of AOE damage, and theres really not much you can do. But I'm sure not everyone has the same issue. Just sharing mine might help someone.

    ---------- Post added 2010-12-13 at 01:24 PM ----------

    I don't believe thats really a good way to spend your points. Becuase while you're wasting mana casting the shock spell, which will take about 5-6k, you will also waste mana on your healing spell, depending on what it is, would be about 1.5 more than it already was. Not such a good idea, but it might work for you.
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    You forget that Intellect and Spirit go hand in hand. Stacking one at the expense of the other hurts your mana regeneration.

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    I've been looking around for a pre-raid BiS guide, and havn't been able to find any.. Anyone got a link?
    Quote Originally Posted by HoX
    trust me druin=PWN is ptw durid not durin but np its no sorry 8) .but is good ask if you can no know so yeah good to you but ask if you no know 8) but trust me i have playin long so DRUID IS BEST=3 form beat all i mean explmame=stealh cat like rogue(pwn9 8) then BOOM big bear big heelth so its moar armor than cat and then just tree?=no tree god like cenarius but give you more heelth=pwn then you go owl and stars do magic to you 8)

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    I disagree about the use of riptide in the OP, it costs 400ish mana more that a HW yet its direct heal is around 70% that of HW and puts a 10k+ hot on the target aswell as procing tidal waves and 100% chance on crit to give 1750 mana back. I personally use it on cd unless noone has taken any damage and the tank already has the hot on them. Tidal waves is a good thing

    I suggest using HS as aposed to GHW as a tank booster to get them back into safe riptide HW spam health range. HS is more HPS and HPM when used with tidal waves due to the 30% increase crit chance (Even once taking into account the 60% chance to proc a water shield orb). GHW is only used with NS macro for me personally.

    Also i find stat priorities are: Int>(=)Spirit>Crit>Haste>Mastery. I personally reforge everything mastery to spirit crit or haste. Everyone heals differently though and healing heroics are very different to healing a raid.

    Mastery is balls, i completely agree.

    Great OP.
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    Hey Pearroc, hey mmo-champions

    Great post, Pearroc, I actually like the "what spell to use when" most in it.

    But i kinda disagree with the stat priorities.

    You say:

    Healing Wave
    HW is our spammable heal. It heals for a very low amount but you can spam this forever. This should be the spell you are using the most.
    But on the other hand:

    As I have already pointed out before mana is a struggle in cata.
    What if:

    Stack Spirit ofc, and haste + reforge to haste.

    Spam Healing wave + ???? = Profit!

    Sure... its just not 1 button you gotta press, dmg spikes etc. but i ES + HS is mostly like 70-80% of my heals.

    Just a guess, me and my tank (warrior) friend pretty much overgear heroics atm and rarly need to cc any trash mobs. I stacked haste + spirit on my gear and reforged crit/mastery into haste. And IMO this works best, at least for heroics.

    I have no idea about raiding, cuz i dont have time too, but this really looks awesome for now.

    Your thoughts about that?


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    Healing wave should be spammed when nothing else is needed.
    Other spells do get used as well, but HW more then the rest. I have only killed 2 bosses so far in 10m, for both my healing break down was (can't remeber the exact healing just the spells used, im not doing real pve any more, trying to become a pvp hero):
    Healing wave, Earth shield, Riptide, Unleashed ele, Healing surge, healing rain and very small amount of chain heal and GHW.
    Both roles I was tank healing while providing spot healing when there was aoe. Ended the 7minute fight with around 10% mana left.
    Basically what im trying to say is although healing wave is our 'spam' heal, we have to use all of our spells to keep up with the large amount of damage (this is just in the raiding content, in heroics its much easier to stack haste if you please).

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    Just found this thread, It basically confirmed what I had been thinking all along regarding crit/haste ect. The bonuses from IWS, AS and AA are fantastic, also coupled with the fact that crit increases our healing without spending extra mana.. ????.. Profit!

    I was thinking about taking 2 Restoration builds to raids, one with Cleanse Spirit>Cleansing Waters, and one with Ancestral Resolve>1 other point which I'm thinking is best placed in Nature's Guardian, for survivability/extra mitigation when the dispelling ins't needed.
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    I would reconmend one with cleansing waters and the other with telluric currents. For example on Magmaw in BRD telleruic currents is godly.

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    please dont forget to be casting lightning bolts and shock spells as often as you can.. this will save/make you much mana!!!

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    I suppose Telluric Currents does make sense, but you don't regain mana if you miss do you? And 17% is quite a hefty chance.

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    yes, 17% is playing with the odds. However, 83% chance to hit are still pretty solid odds. There are threads explaining numbers on pros and cons for the talent. On fights such as Magmaw, he takes so much extra damage during the impale/burn phase you could go from 10% mana to full. It's that good for a fight like that. The talent itself is useful, but situational (also dependent on playstyle).

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    Few things to add

    Like someone else already said - Riptide's HPM is one of best (if not best) of all our spells. Not to mention all other benefits, that casting Riptide gives. I suggest everyone should keep it on CD all the time.

    Also like i suggested in previous version of this thread, Stoneclaw Glyph is very very usefull, definitely more usefull than Healing Stream in my opinion. ~16k absorb every 15 seconds for 1 sec GCD is great thing to have

    Regarding Hit. Redux already quoted rough math we did long time ago in couple of other threads, so if anyone still doubts it's worth casting LB i suggest he takes a look at those number.

    I think it would be a good idea to explain how Focused Insight actually works (cause i see people who think it reduces mana cost of next healing spell by 75% which is not true like Redux pointed out) and that it somehow saves mana . Additionaly, it would be a good idea to copy 'hit math' from other threads for everyone to see, so we don't have it coming back and forth in this thread.

    I also agree with stat priorioty being int/spirit > crit >haste/mastery . With our current regen and generaly low numbers on both haste and crit, AND taking into account Tidal Waves, it's clear that crit should go before other stats.

    That's all for now

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    Cheers instant. I will be updating this soon with a couple of points.
    I'm not convinced with stoneclaw totem in Pve right now. Most damage is avoidable and the stuff that isn't avoidable 16k doesn't make a huge difference.
    That being said our other major glyphs are not that good. The chain heal one being the only really important.

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    Telluric Currents vs Focused Insight

    Hi, what is better for shammy resto for Heroics? I have problem with mana. I use flask and cookies for spirit. Please help.

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