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    New Parts Recomendations.

    So iv had my self build now for a year or so now and sadly one of my ram sticks died... im only left with 2GB.., And i thought while fixing my ram id get a new CPU!, im currently useing the E8400(Stock) on my PC on a 1920 x 1080 Resolution. I was thinking of getting the Q9550 as an upgrade as my FPS now im WoW seems abit.. sluggish. I was maxxed out before 4.0 hit but since all the new things come most things are on good (yeah its ok but i wanna be back at maxxed with 60FPS +)

    My current set up is

    GPU: BFG GTX 260 OC 216
    CPU: E8400 Duel Core 3.0GHZ
    Ram: 2GB (Will be 4GB+ soon) Corsair Dominator DDR2
    Mobo: XFX 750i

    I know WoW is more CPU then GPU dependent so thats why i was gonna upgrade my GPU, Do you think the Q9550 will be powerful enough to give me maxxed settings at 1920 x 1080? It isnt just WoW i play i do play Crysis and other games to. But WoW the most. Any other recommendations would be nice ^^ i dont plan on overclocking any hardware till i do more reading and have a stable job inscase i blow somthing up :P

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    You can upgrade your CPU but you'll probably not be able to play WoW with maxed settings 1920x1080 , but ull get decent FPS(25-50). But instead of upgrading try maxed setting right now but just turn OFF shadow completely.
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    Can't really upgrade that CPU in any particular cost effective manner.

    It would be a better idea to just get a new Mobo&CPU&RAM combo. You may need to pay slightly more - but the performance benefit and certainly lifespan will be greater.

    For other games - particularly the likes of Crysis, a new GPU would be vastly superior. For the price of the Q9550 you can get some pretty nice graphics cards solutions - the E8400 is still strong enough to run most games well (and should not struggle that much with WoW?). In addition, you can still use the new GPU if/when you switch the rest of your system.
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    The reality of it is that your setup is at it's limit, there's no point trying to get a better LGA775 processor than the one you already have, it just won't be cost-effective. Keep the card, it's a good one...but the rest of the system is in need of a revamp if you want to handle smooth gameplay at higher settings (and of course, to keep your setup fast enough to handle the next few years).
    i5 750/760 + good mobo + DDR3 ram (4gb) is going to give you a nice leap in performance, I'd say it's the most effective option right now.

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    Thx for the answers ^^ Will see if i can get a nice new mobo and things after Xmas when the sales hit :P Im still playing around 40fps or so atm even tho i think my PC bottlenecking itself with only 2gb ram lol.

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