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    New GFX card, compatible? Worth it?

    Hey guys I need to get a new gfx card for my computer because I have to run wow on all low to not get any fps lag.

    Heres the GFX card im thinking of getting :

    Here are my computer specs
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @2.40GHz
    4 gigs ram
    I currently have a GeForce 9300 GE

    Running Win 7 64 bit

    My questions are, will the new gfx card be compatible, will it be a big improvement, and is it worth it.


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    Ye, its worth it, thought ive never heard about galaxy, i would rather suggest something that is more known and has better warranty options like EVGA, http://www.evga.com/products/moreInf...s%20Family&sw=

    I had a GT 220 and upgraded to GTX 460 1024mb got like 50% more fps, considering your CPU ull even get a greater speed increase i think.

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    My actual job is computer repair, maintenance and custom system building. I have 15 years experience. With that in mind, I wouldn't go for a cheap brand like "Galaxy" at all. The above EVGA is a better choice. 2 year warranty, 1 year extra for registering it. I have the GTX460 OC 1GB version and run WoW cranked up to Ultra settings beautifully. The EVGA one costs a little more, but you really don't want to skimp on one of the most important parts for gaming in your rig. :P

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    thanks will look at it

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    I strongly suggest you to buy this GTX 460


    Edit: k i saw the price for ur gtx460 .... if you cant afford the one i suggested ok go for the galaxy gtx 460
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    whats the difference between? If they are both 460...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motat View Post
    whats the difference between? If they are both 460...
    One has 768mb memory and the other has 1gb, along with other noticeable performance differences...192-bit interface vs 256-bit, higher clocks, etc. The one in your original post is 768mb.

    What's your PSU and motherboard? Answer that and we can rule out any compatibility issues :P

    As for the card, you seem to be getting a killer deal...but that particular Galaxy GTX460 768mb seems to have some reported issues with the cooling system on it. Apparently it's quite noisy, it's large, and the fan sticks out so you have to make sure nothing gets tangled in it. Just minor stuff, but there could be other issues.

    Personally I would search for good deals from EVGA, MSI, Gigabyte or ASUS....and I would go for a 1gb GTX460. The performance is worth every penny. Sales are really heating up for Christmas so buy a solid GTX460 1gb, it will go a long way
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    No idea how to check the motherboard. But it sounds like the 1gig 460 is much better, so im probably going to buy it

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    You can use CPU-Z to check wich motherboard (Mainboard) you use
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