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    So sweet it almost makes me puke!

    So this thread exists to post pictures, movies, ... that are so pretty/sweet/cute a normal man can't look at them without being haunted by rainbows, unicorns and pink for at least a week!

    I'll get the obvious out of the way:
    Robot Unicorn Attack
    The game everyone knows, loathes and still can't stop playing.

    The technical term for songs like these is "camp" I believe, it's so over the top cute you might need to punch a geek afterwards. (Unless you watch the entire movie, it's amazing.)

    And I couldn't go make a thread like this without adding a cat.

    And lastly I'll just point at my sig . Show me the cute, babies.

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    Seems pretty obvious!

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    I believe

    is even cuter than my little pony.
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