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    Question Gonna Buy New Laptop, Need Help.

    the laptop that i think for buying is this

    cpu Intel® Core™ i7 640M 2.80GHz with Turbo3.46GHz
    cpu cache 4 MB
    ram 8 GB
    ram type DDR3
    hdd 640 GB
    graphic card 2 GB GT420M Optimus
    15.6" HD-LED

    1195$ price

    i wonder what would be my performance with this laptop at full settings.i mean in raids and crowded areas.
    And is GT420M or HD5650 is better for wow?

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    The 5650 has better benchmarks, and honestly your not going to see good framerates on high settings with either of those cards.

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    I've got the 5650 on my myself, its a DECENT card, but thats all. Nothing compared to what i have with my desktop. Though i run everything at high except the water effetc with about 4x multisampling. Usually still on 60fps with vsync on. My laptop doesnt even have a processor as fast as the one you're planning to buy so you'd be good.

    Though, everything you're listing there must cost quite abit so i'd suggest you go for a better videocard. You should go for one of the asus gaming laptops, they come with a gtx460. Though you have to turn in speed of your processor i think, and you'll have to do with less ram.

    Theres also laptops of MSI coming with rather cheap models with HD5870M and HD5850M cards, which are doing great.

    Heres one of MSI: http://www.msimobile.com/level3_prod...x?cid=9&id=254
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