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    Buying new computer

    Hey s im intersted in playing wow on ultra 25man with 60+ FPS im building a brand new computer tell me if what im thinking can handle this

    Case: Antec 1200
    Ram: 4gigs (The brands im using are good iv double checked the speeds etc so ima just put the gigs and not the ful name i know everything is compatible just need to know if this can experience what i want it to thx!)
    Graphics Card: Evga GTX 470
    CPU: I5 760 2.8ghz 8mb cache
    Motherboard - Fine
    Power supply: 850watt

    Anything else needed dont hassle to ask!

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    You will be fine with that setup, the only thing I can suggest is going with 6GB of RAM instead of 4. It may not make a difference, but then again i like overkill.

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    I advice wait for january 9, intel is going to release sandy bridge processors.

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    I cant wait that long my computer has actually died and im going into no wow panic yes im a addicted as *Insert F Word here*

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    Would be nice to know your motherboard.I myself would try to buy a i7 instead.

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    Honestly the i5 is fine for gaming, unless he is an enthusiast or is planning to do some graphics stuff etc.. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    as what murdalok said the i5 is fine the i7 is more into the programming situation which i wont be doing. And easily overclocking will just make it smexual Lawl thx for fast feedback!

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