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    Cool Blizz plans: lvl cap 100?

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here but i had to write it
    I wanted to check my friends char on new armory and i saw this:


    I'm really sorry but because it is my first post then i can't post photos... shame but i can't do anything about it. Maybe mod can edit my post. For now just copy/paste it to address bar

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    Sorry m8, this was already posted several times. It's tipical Blizzard humour.

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    armory req level 100

    so I was just looking up a friend on armory when I got this page.. it happened just 5 mins ago, so if you're quick, maybe you'll get to see it too

    stop the elitism

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    It's been happening for days, and a hard refresh of the page(ctrl+f5) normally fixes it.
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    And it has said other things too although I cannot remember them at the moment. But they were all obvious sarcasm.

    I am pretty sure the under level 100 thing is a joke.

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    This has been posted many times already. It's a joke.


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    ahhh i definitely have to use search more... nevertheless first step to really join the forum has been made

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    This thread appears every day. XD Its just a joke guys. None of the other error messages that pop up are serious either.

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