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    New pc spec

    Cpu: AMD AMD AM3 Phenom II X4 965 BE
    Mainboard :MB ASUS M4A87TD EVO Sound GLan FW SATA3 eSATA USB3
    RAM: 2x2048MB Kingston HyperX Genesis Memory DDR3 1600Mhz CL9
    Power:650 Watt Corsair TX650W
    GPU: GeForce GTX460 1024MB Gainward Golden Sample GLH OC (800/4000/1600)
    Harddrive: 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue 7200rpm 32MB Cache Serial ATA/300
    Computer Case: CoolerMaster NV-690C
    Cpu Cooling: Cooler Thermaltake ISGC-400

    How Far will bring me this setup on Ultra settings (1920x1080screen)

    1 question: Is there a big diff between the gtx460(the one in my spec) and a gtx 470?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aminozuur View Post
    Harddrive: 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue 7200rpm 32MB Cache Serial ATA/300

    How Far will bring me this setup on Ultra settings (1920x1080screen)

    1 question: Is there a big diff between the gtx460(the one in my spec) and a gtx 470?
    For WoW, you get no benefit with GTX470, you'll still be CPU capped. Also switch the HDD to Caviar Black or Samsung Spinpoint F3, Blue is slow junk.

    You'll get around 40fps in busy places with that setup, around 100fps while questing (assuming you turn shadows, multisampling and texture filtering halfway down instead of all ultra).
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    Would there be a diff in graphix cards if i get a Intel Core i7 860 Box S1156?
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    Nope, graphic cards these days are all PCIe Should be fine.
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    My newest pc 2 weeks old is currently;

    i7 950, 480 GTX, Corsair 6gig DDR3 Low Latency, I run WoW constantly at 60fps a second all settings on Ultra and vertical sync on, even in Storm wind with packed crowds. It makes the game so much more enjoyable, and the new zones looks amazing.

    If you notice the post with toms hardware between the 480 vs the 580 I think the 580 wins by .30 or so. A 460 would give you the expectations you would expect, a 470 isn't really needed unless you have money to spend and want to upgrade.

    With your setup you would probably have no problems running most settings on Ultra, and still be able to maintain good fps and fast loading.

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    Okay so I said i'd edit this post and here it is.

    GTX 470 vs GTX 460
    - The people who don't want to read my reasoning can just be happy with, "The GTX 460 is a better buy, this is because the GTX 470 doesn't offer enough of a performance gain to justify it's higher price unless you are gaming at high resolutions with AA/AF maxed". For people that want my explanation for this feel free to read it below.

    Essentially a GTX 460 and GTX 470 will both push above 60 FPS on ultra settings (Disable water when in Waterless Raids). The reasoning I have for not recommending a GTX 470 over a GTX 460 is simple with both pushing 60 FPS and a majority of gamers only having a 60Hz monitor you will not notice a difference between 60 - 75 FPS because your monitor is not displaying this - It is physically limited to 60 FPS their also comes an issue with this when you have more FPS then your monitor can display occasional there are Driver or Software related issues that cause Screen Tearing which essentially destroys any visual quality a game has this is solved by using VSYNC. Another very good point is that while both will push above 60 FPS both will also be within 1 - 3 FPS of each other during the lowest points what I mean by this is during a 25m raid a GTX 460 may push 37 FPS but a GTX 470 max push 40 FPS that's where the extra money is really worth spending if the GTX 470 offered a rock solid performance gain at it's lowest minimum FPS I could recommend it.

    The only time I'd recommend the GTX 470 is if someone was planning on using AA/AF at maximum settings on a large monitor with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 or better. In this scenario and only in this scenario you would generally see the memory on the GTX 470 push the graphic card ahead during full load. My recommendation for the original poster is this. Simply buy the GTX 460 and invest your money in a better CPU cooler and overclock the heck out of the beast of a CPU you have - or even better upgrade it to a Black Edition chip for even easier Overclocking. This however is invalid if you're planning on maxing AA/AF as the larger amount of onboard memory will be a large benefit at 1920 x 1080 with AA and AF maxed.


    Now onto the GTX 580 comment, the reason you're seeing very little difference between the GTX 580 and the GTX 480 in World of Warcraft lies solely with the age of the engine. World of Warcraft because it is 6 years old is not able to utilized the full power of a GTX 580 because it's an extremely CPU dependent title, what I mean by this is that as the GPU speed's increase the CPU speeds are essentially staying the same - the speeds that both of these cards are pushing with the CPU Toms Hardware is using is most likely going to be the engine max. I personally have a Core i7 980X which is on spec with what Toms Hardware uses and I'm only maybe 1 - 2 more FPS then their benchmarks most of the time.

    In order to see a performance boost from the GTX 480 to the GTX 580 Blizzard would need to re-create the engine to make better use of GPU power, currently though I see that as being the absolute maximum amount of performance most systems will ever be able to push. But the GTX 580 like with the GTX 470 / GTX 460 issue is that the GTX 580 generally will have a better lower FPS amount then the GTX 480 because it is powerful that is where the value in the GTX 580 for a game like World of Warcraft is.

    Feel free to argue, discuss or add to my comments. It's always good to get additional opinions.


    PS: The GTX 470 is essentially maxing the engine as well, if the CPU was overclocked it could potentially push similar results as the GTX 580, the GTX 460 however has a bit of room to grow as upgrades are made to the system and in the future you could add a second GTX 460 and have extremely good results as the prices of the GTX 460 are dropping extremely fast and will most likely continue to drop until they are in the $125 price point a few months from now.

    PPS: Numbers are based on personal experience, I cannot link to confirm for the "Lowest FPS" points as no one ever includes these (or it's very uncommon) however for the highest FPS numbers TomsHardware, Bit-Tech, HardOCP all have benchmarks for that.
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