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    Confused about Warranty (WoW Headset)

    So, i bought the wireless headset for WoW thinking that, since i always break cheap headset because of the wire, and they arent really comfortable, i would actually save up and pay the price to have decent headset that would last me a while. I have guildmates who also have been using the headset all year long, so i thought this would be a very well spent money.

    ... 3 weeks. It took 3 weeks before one of the retractable plastics (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16123728/Pictures/wow_full.jpg for reference) decided to break out of nowhere, just the plastic, the wire is still hanging, working perfectly, if i personally hold the cup, both headphones still works perfectly. At first i tried just taping up the plastic together, but due to the interesting way the headset is made, it just doesnt work.

    Now it's only been 3 weeks, i'm still on warranty, checked their website to contact them but that's where complications began. Their website is far less than useful. The Contact Us > Customer Support just links to their knowledge base. I couldn't for the life of me, find a place to chat with a representive, email them, or even a number to contact them. Searching a little on google, i found a phone number, which just tells you to visit their website...

    Then i read in their warranty that they will replace any defective material if its within 90 days of purchase, i'm fine there. Then it goes saying "The warranty is void is damage is caused by wear and tear, accidents, misuse, or even Acts of God." ...now this has me scared a bit. The headset broke in my hand, while i was putting it on my head, normally like anyone put any headset on their head. So it wasnt an accident, and it cant be wear/tear because its only been 3 weeks. Also, who the hell designed that warranty? Doesnt that void the reason why warranty even exists? ( "Sorry, your warranty is void if something happen that causes you to use your warranty" )

    So..what are my options?
    Even if i could still be under warranty, i still cant find any kind of clues on their website on how to ship it back to them.
    If warranty is being stupid and void, any clues on how to repair? I tried superglue too, but it doesnt seems to work because of how the headset works and the place that broke, it's near impossible to apply it on the two broken parts to make it hold together. Well it holds, until you actually try to put them on your head >.<
    Maybe i could find some piece of rigid plastic similar to the one used on the headset, and glue the two broke parts on it. and that new piece would act as the first used too (and should do its job without breaking in half). Think that would work?
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    i think your warranty is broken cues you tried to repair them your self with tape and super glue as well i think putting them on is a wear and tear and tbh the wow headset isn't really worth the price and the sound quality isn't really that good ether.
    From own experience i had a pair of wow headset and i sent them back after a week and bought a Razer moray plus in ear head set.
    That i have had for almost a year now and i must say they are one of the best head sets i have ever had sense the bow thingy on my head sets always keept braking after a few months of use. And you can pretty much give up on trying to repair them non of the self repairs wont last more then a few hrs at max.
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