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    Quote Originally Posted by asher1611 View Post
    Used to be a high school english/theatre teacher. Got sick of it and went back to school. One more semester and I'll take the bar and (hopefully) become a lawyer.

    One day I will be at the bottom of the ocean with my kind, and everyone will cheer.
    be prepared for a life of legal theatrics and dealing with troublesome kids.... oh wait >_>

    EDIT: some really interesting answers here, i'm a 3rd year architecture student itching to graduate

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    Full time Carer, Part Time DPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AestyX View Post
    Full time student, soon to be a Biomedical Engineer (1½ year!)
    Niceeee ^

    Im a Mechatronics engineering student

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diagonal View View Post
    They will do what they love, don't judge them.
    I personally would have a career in what I love than get something I don't want just for money
    my point was that they wont do anything at all since the job prospect will be weak; expecting to have any kind of decent life by doing what you love the most is fairytale at best; only very few people are able to do so.

    alot of gamer would love to get paid to play but that simply is fantasy and wont earn any kind of decent life(unless you at world best level).

    I rather do something that I enjoy fairly and earn alot of $$ and decent living that staying poor; being poor with low prospect is terrible and people only realize that too late.(I was planning on being elementary teacher at first)

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    Quote Originally Posted by yetti7 View Post
    Backflow tech / student /boyfriend
    the boyfriend part comes under the title "job"?... haha

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    Age 22 - SAN/Storage Technical Support - Team Coordinator

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    Asheowyn - Shandelzare - Anessa - Shandelzhare

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    Quote Originally Posted by RodneyStanger View Post
    I work at a bakery. That's right, free cake for everyone!
    The cake is a lie!

    Corporate Liaison for a large contracting company.

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    Rent-a-cop/father/free agent pornstar =)

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    Former Navy, now a glazer at a local glass company

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxAkirhaxx View Post
    Blizzard is a conglomerate that through lower sub numbers has raised revenue. They're not stupid, they're just not catering to you.
    Yes yes, I know, the sky just bonked you on the head, casuals are taking over the government, and some baddie just got a raid drop... I think you'll live.

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    Been doing odd jobs and selling newspapers on street corners for over a year after losing my last full-time job to the an interview though for a tech job with a local tv station tomorrow, wish me luck!

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    Studying as a Civil Eng Tech student full time, working in a grocery store bakery department part time to pay for it :P

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    I work on a sailboat as a tour guide and drive amphibious vehicles for tours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJ3ster View Post
    Huoooo Huoooo Huuuoooo!!!

    OT: I'm 24 and I'm a private chef for the rich folks that live in the Dallas area. It's possibly the most fun job ever! (IMO)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJ3ster View Post
    Huoooo Huoooo Huuuoooo!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Antenorra View Post
    Part-time owl?

    Shinydemon(85) Kuricos(85) Akros(85) Seraphus(81) Ritsura(85) Anathama(85) Arelia(85) Aaurala(66) Solanáa(49) Myasma(60)

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    Full time college student. Also teaching myself guitar (if that counts!) :P

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    Controller/Bookkeeper for an international bearings company

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    I'm a professional jackass.

    Or in other words, a teenage college student. ;D

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    Webhost/designer Technician

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