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    Used to be a high school english/theatre teacher. Got sick of it and went back to school. One more semester and I'll take the bar and (hopefully) become a lawyer.

    One day I will be at the bottom of the ocean with my kind, and everyone will cheer.

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    Full time BTEC sport student
    Part time waiter

    I also fix computers, laptops and flash xboxs for a fee of course
    I don't care what they say about you, Sylvannas, I will always love you!

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    Global energy consultant. Makes it impossible to have a good raiding schedule, but I love it.

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    I own a collection agency.

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    3D modeler. Mostly do architectural renderings, work with 3ds max+Vray.
    Freelancer, work from home.

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    Im a student, been studying for about 1½ years now.. And I have like 3-4 more to go /sigh.

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    University Prof... now with Tenure!

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    Here, not there.
    College Student studying to become a Visual Effects Major, Graphic Design Minor.

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    Full time student, soon to be a Biomedical Engineer (1½ year!)

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    Co-Director of Marketing and Technology for a Real Estate company

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    I'm Level One Help Desk Support for the Peace Corps. =o
    Quote Originally Posted by Speaknoevil View Post
    This is good, be a man about it.
    Have a cigar in your mouth and a shot of brandy in your hand and tell her to get out of the guild and get into a kitchen.
    Mists of Pandaria Beta Club ~World of Warcraft Annual Pass.

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    Dubbo, NSW
    Sanity Music cashier / Child care and pre school teacher / University student

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    South Yorkshire, England
    Doing a Games Design Honours degree
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Dragon nipples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtsu View Post
    University Prof... now with Tenure!
    hehe nice; thats basically mean your set for life as its almost impossible to get fired in your case(unless you do something very very wrong).

    And I saw from reply that someone is studying in music.. guess ppl want to stay poor and have no job prospect in future.

    As for me I'm a Final year B.B.A finance student.

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    South East United states
    I work at a candy shop!
    You may be smarter than me but I inherited a multi-million dollar enterprise.

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    Purchasing manager for my precast cement plant that provides structures for bridges and buildings. Work 50+ hours a week and they are funding me to take night classes so i can understand drafting and also something along the lines of business administration.

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    Student and Amateur Musician. Going for a degree in Music Education most likely. I'm a percussionist/guitarist.

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    Programmer for a scientific research organisation. Used to be a writer, but failed to find another plot...

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    I'm only 18 but I work at walgreens a few days a week. Easy money since no one goes there, just sit there texting my friends.
    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    You do know what islands in the ocean do right?
    They float
    true story

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