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    Iv'e worked at Burger King for 17 years

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    Hmm... not entirely sure of what it is called in English. I pack post for some lawyers.

    It is a "Bud" in Danish
    why do you even read this like seriously, read the thread instead.

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    Sheet Metal Fabrication, Experimental Prototyping & Development.

    Used to just be a pressbrake operator until my boss realized that I have more ability at 8 years in the business than the rest of the shop does at a combined total of 150+ years of experience.
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    Stop looking for sense in a game that mails you dragons.

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    I work at the front desk of a hotel. Best part is free wi-fi and I get to play wow at work!

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    Highschool student otherwise I work in Produce at the local grocery store
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    My first raiding guild, way back in Vanilla WoW - Kaywarrior was our DPS warrior. After a billion Nef kills, Ashkandi finally dropped. He jerked off on vent. Literally jerked off while keyed in. Best moment ever.

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    Full-time undergraduate college student. On top of a full class load, I assist with my adviser's research and currently work on a research project of my own. Ironically, I am exploring the psychology of MMORPGs.

    For money, I sometimes do plumbing repair work and general small construction jobs.

    [Will think for food]

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    i own the largest indoor rock climbing facility in NJ

    im 23 and get to play wow between 2am and 6am...

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    IT project manager
    Same for me

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