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    MMO Champ Mobile???

    So I mess around on my mobile internet on my verizon phone, its nothing fancy at all and is a couple years old (yes i could always upgrade blah, blah, iphone, blah, blah, droid, blah) but why ditch a perfectly good phone. But to my point. I try to load MMO on my mobile browser and It's a rather heavy page. Have ya'll considering making a more mobile friendly version of the site? I like to browse forums and posts (which I have linked to my facebook to post) when I'm on my lunch break and what not. Just something I thought of today... sorry if there has been a previous post about this
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    This issue was discussed here if you want more information.


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    I'd suggest Opera Mobile if you've got an android device. It's a lot better than other browsers. I've got a rooted captivate that I clocked to 1.25 ghz(I'd highly suggest rooting and overclocking your phone if you haven't), and this site loads pretty fast even on 3G, and loads faster than my netbook when on my wifi.

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    I have to second the need for a mobile friendly version and fast or slow is not my issue.
    The version before Curse changed everything was okish to read, but since the main content has a fixed width now, it has become extremely awkward browsing mmo to say the least. I refrain from browsing mmo when I'm on mobile now. Whereas in the past I regularly checked mmo, since paragraphs were broken down in a way that would allow reasonable zooming.

    You're loosing page hits, ehrm, money here, guys.
    Don't let the statistics fool you. Rising pagehits sure... because more people play wow, but decreasing pagehits from mobile users I bet.
    There should be money since Curse took over, at least enough to pay some small web company to get it done (it doesnt have to be a company that uses Macs and is expensive).
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    I know the site is a pain right now on mobile devices; I personally have an iPhone, so I feel your pain. Other things are taking priority right now, but we'd definitely like to do a mobile stylesheet sometime in the future.

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    Good to hear!
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