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    i think i was world 1st on live servers, considering i did it 1st day cata came out, look up Patchouli - Stonemaul if you dont believe me. Did it solo as a fire mage with mana-less scorch and scorch while moving.

    living bomb up 100%, scorch and pyro on procs, i swam backwards for over 30 minutes kiting and shooting it. took 3 attempts cause he kept glitching around 2m hp... and an alliance fucked with me at one point.
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    My guild just downed him with a total of 11 people, more because we wanted folks to get in for the achievement than any need for people. I was the "tank", as an elemental shaman, so really, any ranged should be able to pull it off.

    All you really need to know is;
    • He will bite you for hundreds of thousands of damage if you get within 6 feet
    • He will get bored and Evade and go back to wandering if you get further than 20 feet.
    • He will leash back to his patrol if you kite him too far away

    Best way we figured out was to kite him in a big lazy circle just offshore. Try to stay between 8 and 18 yards from him. This was plenty of time for me to fit in a full cast or two standing still; he moves slowly. Oh, and if you're in a group, and anyone passes your threat, they're probably lunch, FYI. Only took us three attempts, and honestly, most of that was me getting a feel for the kiting.

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    tried/failed, it's impossible to gauge distance in wow in water and air.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madwhack View Post
    we 4 manned it its super easy a mage could solo if hes fire and awesome at kitting correctly

    i cannot input the image directly cause i havent posted enough times on forums *i normaly read not post*

    u just need good co-ordination and control

    and btw my gears all red cause we failled a couple of time and when you get hit its for 600K

    How many posts do i need to be able to post an image?

    htt p:/ /im g808.imagesh 808/5664 /firstwh alesha rk.png

    While im getting enough posts just glue that adress togetter

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    Yea, it was alot of fun doing this. If I REALLY wanted to spend 30+ minutes kiting him and soloing him I would've... Actually I probably won't have... seeing as Exams are coming up... But yea, was alot of fun, I recommend everyone go and do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown User View Post
    The one in 1k is always dead, it's just a corpse
    Oh, well I didn't know that. I was only there once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 420rogue View Post
    rawrrrr, i decided to make a new toon and now i can't get into the game....
    Quote Originally Posted by Leyth View Post
    this is the dumbest person i have ever seen.

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    post video or screenshot, othewise its fake

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    Does the shark drop any loot or anything?

    Edit: just read the caption on the screenshot
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrProper View Post
    post video or screenshot, othewise its fake
    Read the thread, instead of being a douche and you'd see he already posted a screenshot.

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    Gz too bad he doesn't drop any loot.

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    We killed it using the same method. He hits for around 1Million without armor.

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    Did this in the beta:P Was alot of fun, but had sooo many tries on it, seemed to bugg out at 15% when me and some randoms did it-.- Else it was great fun killing this shark!:P

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    Soloed it on 16th of december. Took 24 minutes.

    Edit: Ok then.

    Strafed whole time, used range showing addon, kept him between 8-20 yds constantly. As a wlock just kept keeping dots up (UA, Corr, BoA, CoE) and haunt, spammed fel flame the whole time, used imp till he was decently far enough and called it back to me to start attacking again so he dont despawn from range.

    Preferably when you have to cast something, be closer to 20yd range so he doesnt get too close to oneshot you. If you go around 6yd range, you get eaten again. Make sure where your going since you dont want to get stuck on a wall or anything, preferably go high enough and that should also lower the chances of gankin.

    Lifetap as needed, haunt + fel armor + siphon life will heal you anyway. Use Doomguard on CD as well. Might want to save those soul burns for imps if you accidentally outrange it. If you go over 20yd range, he evades and you have to restart.

    Should be pretty easily doable as fire mage scorching, priests with high enough mana regen, hunters, boomkins and like myself wlocks etc. Pray opposing faction players dont come and attack you since theres not too much room to move.

    Enemy Spriest came to see me, didnt attack, I was happy about that. Also my own faction paladin came and wished me luck at about 80% and came to congratulate me when I actually killed him. Nice player.

    GL&HF. Its going to be boring in the end, but you still have to pay attention constantly on the range. With pvp affliction spec ended up doing about 6.6k dps and took 24minutes 25 seconds.
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    If you want to post about strats that's fine. Saying that you killed and and posting a SS needs to go into the server 1st thread, not here. From here out it will be considered spam.

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    I think that boomkins are the most fitting to do this. Personally soloed him 2 days ago on my boomkin.


    Get a range addon
    Be in an eclipse for max damage
    Spec in Lunar Shower
    Then just backpaddle and I found out that I backpaddles just at the speed he was swimming at so basicly I was at 10 yards the whole time. Then when I was quite close to the borders of Vashj'ir I just started swimming past him kind'a and always watched out for my range which scaled from 10-15 yards. Took me quite the while but 10k dps on the move isn't that hard as a boomkin so in the end of the day it didn't take that long compared to him having a 9M health pool !

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    Ya a few guildies and I did this a few nights ago. Took us several trys to get the kiting right. If you've done the introductory quests in Vash'ir then your swim speed will be more than fast enough to kite. The person with aggro, as well as all the DPS, has to stay within about 20 yards but not closer than about 5 yards. Any further and he resets, and any closer and he'll eat you. They also need to constantly attack, as he drops combat pretty quickly if you're not attacking, which will cause him to reset. This is useful for anyone who'd DPSing, as they can just swim a little further and stop attacking to drop combat and reset their threat.

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    This is probably soloable right it would just take a while. I'm going to go try it.

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    whale shark good times before cataclysm was released i could see him swim around vashj'ir from the mountains of IF (walked from sw harbor) then in vashj'ir it was swimming above my head together whit another world boss called velskar but then again whale shark gives achievement and achievement already tells you that you get no loot

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    Velksar does give loot surprisingly, we got a single grey item - brilliant scale, off of him, and skinning it resulted in 3 scraps + bloated stomach w/ 2 volatile life inside, lol. Velkasr is also easier since its got a ton less hps. Was alot of fun doing both with 8 peps. Whale Shark I noticed has a tendency to wipe aggro completely, and I don't know if this is due to the kiter getting out of range, or some built in mechanic. Also becareful not to path the whale shark you are kiting into another whale shark, its not pretty, lol.

    The only other thing I can add is if you are trying to learn these fights, and dying a ton, just swim up to the surface, and either pop some form of water walking, or swim to the beach and you can use a vender mammoth to repair.

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