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    Dude, thanks for a excelent guide!

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    Quick question. I read somewhere that a patch during wrath made it so things like the turtle mount, the sewer rat, mr.pinchy, old crafty, and ironjaw not pop up a confirmation box anymore when you have auto-loot on. Is this true? I Just want to make sure, if not i'll have to start paying attention what I loot from now on. I'm about 2500 casts into the dalaran sewers and no luck yet.

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    Thank you for this, just decided to grind it all for the Salty title...
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    Bookmarking this, thanks!
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    Ok, this is a nice guide! how about a guide to help you not get bored while fishing :P?

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    Its ok with the right music and amount of boredness ;p

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    Thank you for the guide. Helped me out quite a bit.

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    I have won both contests and have a few tips.

    Stranglethorn Vale. Set your heath to Booty bay. Be ready in your fishing gear a couple of minutes before the contest along the coast. Although the southern part near the pirates can be busy - this area spawned lots of pools close together. If you are ganked the graveyard is very close so you lose minimal time.

    Dalaran. Do a quick trip to dalaran in advance and either set your heathstone at an INN, or buy a ring that ports you back. Being a mage is helpful too. Fish a little bit before the comp to discover where you are catching pygmy suckerfish. If you get some- you are in a viable location. I used the logging grounds when I won but this is very random as you need to catch the blacktip shark. So - improve your chances by knowing a good pygmy suckerfish spot and cast as quick as you can. If you get the shark (which can be given to more than one person) its a race back first. Be ready to fish in your location a couple of minutes prior to comp.

    General tips -
    You need to be at the fishing location at the time the Comp starts - no quests required. Have a decent fishing rod and use a hot key to cast so you can hot key till you get a line in the pool (to do this open your profession tab and drag the fishing icon to your actionbar - then press appropriate key to use).
    Don't fish outside a pool as it won't count.
    Know what you need prior to comp starting. You need 40 fish for the Stranglethorn Vale comp. A guildie thought it was 30 and heathed back to discover she didn't have enough. You need 1 black tip shark for the Dalaran comp.
    Decide on your prize before comp so you can click fast.
    Also disable any addons you can so help the loading screen when you heath back. Hope this helps.

    I chose the BOA ring, and the Hook that turns you to a fiesty piranha. I won each once and then I feel its courtesy to retire and let others win.
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    Thanks for the list.

    I recently won the STV tourney which piqued my interest in getting the salty title again, but after 1000+ casts I just couldn't get the one that got away.

    I actually got that achievement on 2 alts, during the darkmoon faire just doing the fishing quest and going for the sea pony. So I thought sure...I'll just get it there...another 1000+ casts luck.

    So I thought with the new account wide achievements I should probably have the salty title anyway, so why waste these casts that aren't going to skill ups.
    I started leveling alts fishing while going for achievements that should go account wide. I leveled one character to about 300 getting Old Crafty, and another one to about the same level getting Old Ironjaw. I'll probably go after the Sewer Rat doing this too.

    Wondering if account wide achievements is altering anyone else in how they try to accomplish the fishing achievements.

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    Great Guide has inspired me to get my toon into gear and bust out some HC Fishing!!

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    still need Master Angler of Azeroth
    and the giant rat

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    Excellent guide thanks

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    These are nothing but busy work...

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    These are really beneficial tips for catching fish.I really excited to learn fishing.

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