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    Frost Mage Stat Weights

    Anybody know what they are? I couldn't seem to find them anywhere (thought that could me not looking in the right places)

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    Having the same problem
    GearScore - is directly related to Skill; the More you care about it, the Less you have.

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    There was a post up that has been replaced with the fire mage stat weights; the old stat weights were as follows: Int ---> hit ---> crit ---> haste ---> mastery. (mastery being the worst stat).

    In other words, I'd reforge all your mastery to hit; do the same for haste as well.

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    Int SP Hit Crit Haste Mastery
    Scale Factors 3.0134 2.2093 2.1550 1.3363 0.9017 0.9202

    according to http://manoutoftime.org/misc/sc403/m...346/basic.html
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    There is no such thing as a static stat weight, things change as your gear changes.

    Go get SimulationCraft, import you character and select the option to Analyze stats, that will give you a stat weighting based on your characters' current situation.

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