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    <Guardians of Dawning Sun> 9/12 Sargeras Recruiting

    Alliance side guild <Guardians of Dawning Sun> on Sargeras PvP server is now recruiting for 10m raiding and rated battlegrounds.

    Classes currently needed:
    Paladin: All specs
    Warrior: All specs
    Druid: All specs
    Shaman: All specs
    Priest: Healing

    Current raid bosses downed:
    Omnitron Defense System
    Halfus Wyrmbreaker
    Valiona and Theralion
    Ascendant Council

    We also run weekly Baradin Holds.

    <GoDS> is starting hardcore raiding back up and needs core raiders to fill out the ranks. We're a group of friends who raided together starting all the way back in Vanilla WoW holding many server firsts in AQ40 and Naxx. Our officers and raid leaders and had significant raid accomplishments including top 100 world Sunwell kills including KJ well before patch 3.0 nerfs and many hardmodes and drake achievements in WotLK.

    Our goal is to eventually get back to being a top US guild and have every boss on heroic down well before the next raid content patch.

    We're looking to once again become a prominent well rounded guild with rated BGs and Arena teams as well as raiding.

    Raid times are currently 6pm - 10pm M - Th but are subject to change within the next few weeks.

    If interested please be directed to and fill out an application.
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