View Poll Results: Do you eat the hairy peel of kiwifruit?

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  • No I don't wanna cough up hairballs.

    69 68.32%
  • Yes I eat the skin, it's fuzz-licious.

    21 20.79%
  • I don't eat kiwifruits. I prefer aussiefruits.

    11 10.89%
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    Serious question about kiwifruits.

    I guess a lot of people peel them, or scoop the fruit out, but I eat the furry skin. Am I alone?
    I'm sorry, but i just have to tell you that you are an ignorant, closed minded fool, and you need to chill out, think more, and quit being such a douche. Your responses are shrill, closed minded, and ignorant. You need to think outside the box sometimes, and realize its blizzards game and you are not ghostcrawler.

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    Hahahaha! This thread, as simple as it is, made my day!

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    Ewww. Yes you are. Everyone I knows who like kiwi, peel them.

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    It's not ENTIRELY uncommon, no. Also the skin supposedly contains some extra vitamins or whatnot, so you're basically a little bit healthier than the rest of us.

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    You're not alone, my wife & I eat them whole as well.

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    Do you shave them before you eat them?
    That's why you need me.... Need someone to punish you for your sins.

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    The skin might be quite healthy, but i can't imagine it being great eating some hairy fruit. I'd be surprised if you actually noticed any real difference at all. If eating the skin makes you feel happy, keep doing it! I must add i'm not quite sure about any chemicals used on kiwis, they might've used more aggressive chemicals as they don't expect people to eat the skin.

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    Damn you OP. Now I want some kiwi. But more on topic, I'm one of those that peels them. The whole fuzzy skin isn't too appealing to me. But to each his own.
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    I cut it in half and scoop out the contents with my mouth, althou I most enjoy them in a fruit salad with whatever i can find and some good greek yoghurt.
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    im too lazy to peel it. eating the skin isnt bothering me. its like an apple all fruits can be eaten whole. oranges dont count, i peel those. and bananas, coconuts.. oh fuck nvm. kiwis are nice!

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    although i dont know how to peel a coconut. ill just shut up...

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    awesome thread. In before not about warcraft lock.

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    I haven't had Kiwi in forever! Maybe I'll get some on my way home. I've never even thought about eating the skin. I generally slice it in half and scoop, but now I'm curious, and will probably try it. Thanks OP!

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    I used to eat the skin when I was younger, although now I can't stand the furyness. I can't see why you wouldn't be able to eat it as people eat skin of many other fruits. There's also nothing between the skin and the fruit itself opposed to the watermelon that has that white part which is said to be not very good for you.

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    I LOVE the skin of it, it's furry and sweet inside. Oh wait, you mean the fruit?

    Yeah, I eat the whole thing. Even those hard bits on the end.

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    Although I used to enjoying eating certain fruits skins, I stopped doing that. The amount of chemicals used on your fruit are stagnating. Always wash, always peel. Thank me later.

    Also, quick little tip here. Ever eat some fruit only to experience immediate soup ass? Those are chemicals, not fruit.

    EVEN Organic are being sprayed to a degree, don't ever let them fool you otherwise. These crops are big money & don't think for a second that they won't do what they need to do to protect them.

    On another limb, yes that weed you smoked earlier was also sprayed.

    Take care all, stay healthy.

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    I used to eat kiwifruit skin when I was a kid but I don't anymore. The texture is too scratchy but I do agree that it could have health benefits. Whatever floats your boat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onýx View Post
    awesome thread. In before not about warcraft lock.
    It's an off topic forum

    OT. If I'm going to eat a kiwi on it's own then I don't mind the peel so much, if I'm putting it in a fruit salad I'll usually peel everything including the Kiwi.

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    Yes, I eat the whole fruit. You can get rid of some of the furryness if some of you non-believers (is it even a word??) want to try it by rubbing it quite rough under flowing water.
    The skin contains loads of fibres and it gives the fruit a tiny bit more sour taste. According to me a perfect balance between sweet and sour! ^^

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    How can you eat kiwi's at all :\ besides the fur, they taste weird.
    Grapefruits are the best.

    Quote Originally Posted by Onýx View Post
    awesome thread. In before not about warcraft lock.
    Offtopic forums are offtopic.

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    I cut kiwis in half and use a spoon to get the green goodness out of the skin. I've never eaten Kiwi skin before because I just couldnt imagine gnawing on furry fruitskin enhancing or helping the flavor of the actual inside fruit part.

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