View Poll Results: Do you eat the hairy peel of kiwifruit?

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  • No I don't wanna cough up hairballs.

    69 68.32%
  • Yes I eat the skin, it's fuzz-licious.

    21 20.79%
  • I don't eat kiwifruits. I prefer aussiefruits.

    11 10.89%
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    Most of the vitamins in kiwis are concentrated near the skin, and it contains lots of healthy fibre, so yeah I eat it whole.

    Before eating it I wash it and scrub the outside with the scrubby side of a dish sponge, it gets most of the hairs off. I do this because after years of eating it hair-and-all, I finally managed to get one of the hairs lodged inside the gum of my backmost molar like a splinter. Hurt for weeks. So now they get a good depilation before consumption.

    But yum! Skin!

    To the people afraid of trying it: the skin is barely noticeable. It's the flavor/texture equivalent of adding a spoonful of water to soup.

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    I can´t eat them because I´m allergic

    They are yummy tho, when I did eat them I scooped them out of the 'skin'.

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    I simply don't like kiwis.. What are considered aussiefruits?

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    I logged in just to say the skin is the best part. I do generally wash it and try to scrub down a bit of the fuzzy ness, but yeah its amazing. I didn't always do it though, in japan, there are places that serve kiwi slices with the skin still on, and you are meant to peal it. I got too lazy, and been eating them apple style for the last 5-6 or so.

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    The first time I saw someone eat the skin I was like "WTF are you doin?"

    Then I tried it and there is no going back to a spoon.

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    Nah I don't eat the skin. Scoop the fruit out of the skin. Though now I'm intrigued...

    Also, I always find it amusing how a lot of people refer to them as kiwis, since that's the name of our national bird - and how we colloquially refer to ourselves. You skinned a kiwi? /wince

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    lol op is pretty funny. I would NEVER eat the skin, I imagine it's like eating hair ! LOL

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    Nah, i cut them into some odd polygon, like peeling a potato, and then enjoy the delicious green goodness. Kiwifruits are great!

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    Never tried it before, although I do eat the entire apple, which some people think is weird, so maybe I outta try this out too

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    No i dont wanna cough up hairballs. Its annoying enough when my cats do it.
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    Always peeled before eating. In fact, last year, I was juggling some kiwis and when I finished, I noticed hundreds of those "hairs" jabbed in my hands like slivers! Hurt like hell for the rest of the day, including work.

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    Nice to see a thread about food.

    It is interesting that some of you eat normal kiwifruit with the skins on. For those of you who do not, perhaps you should try some gold kiwifruit, which lacks a fuzzy skin, and can be eaten whole.

    An additional note: right now there is a massive investigation of New Zealand's kiwifruit orchards underway, after an orchard on the North Island was found to be contaminated with a bacteria called PSA, which kills the vines of the kiwifruit plants. It's pretty crazy to see the measures that some orchard owners have taken to quarantine / protect their vines. Lots of them have installed high netting along the perimeter of their orchards, and some of them extend so far as to cover the entire orchard, like tents. There are heaps of "biohazard" signs at the entrances too.

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    I don't get how people can eat the skin on kiwis. Disgusts me, frankly. It's got hair, damn it!
    Well excuuuse me, Princess.

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    I cut it in half and then scoop out the goodness with a spoon. I can barely stand touching the hairy skin let alone put it in my mouth :|
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    I "spoon" them, the furry skin is not that tasty imo.
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    This thread actually made me start laughing. I'm not really sure why.

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    I can eat them both ways, but I prefer to peel them first

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    I'm finding this thread quite superior to most of the rubbish around here. Also, I don't eat the hairy stuff...

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    In yer thread
    I cleave 'em in half and eath the pulp with spoon.
    Maybe I'll try eating the skin next time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gravebound View Post
    I simply don't like kiwis..
    Hey I resent that.

    srsface though, always makes me laugh when people talk about eating 'kiwis', since here a kiwi is our native bird, or slang to mean a person from New Zealand.

    Still laughing at those who prefer aussiefruits. Pssh.
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