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    Quote Originally Posted by Siika View Post
    I just can't.
    That's why I ususally eat...
    Sour...rusks? No idea what they are called in English...

    Dear god, those look absolutely horrible :X

    OT: Yeap, I eat it all, mostly beecause I'm always too lazy to go out and buy new bread.
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    no, but my wife likes breads butts

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    Of course. I eat the whole bread. Actually sometimes I like it the best part.
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    The Lightbringer Lovestar's Avatar
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    What sort of pompous wastrel would throw away perfectly edible bread?

    I mean besides someone with Coeliac Disease.

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    I keep those in the bag to keep the next good slice from going hard. In the end you are left with 2 super hard ends that kept the rest of your bread from going hard. They served their purpose and die a warrior's death in the bin.

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    No, im scared. Maybe i will die? xD

    Epic thread btw !!
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    Bread aint healthy

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    Dreadlord Enders's Avatar
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    It's not uncommon to find 4 or 5 bags of bread with only the end pieces left in my house.
    Quote Originally Posted by Luuth View Post
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    I always give the "breads but" to my dogs ;p

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    Its my favorite part of the loaf, fresh or otherwise

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    Quote Originally Posted by p75369 View Post
    Nope, we leave them in the packet to get dry and stale instead of the next good slice.
    Yeah that's what I do also.

    I didn't realize how many people ate them... Weird.

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    Pandaren Monk I stand in fire's Avatar
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    loaf ends are no bueno, no bueno at all.
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    Everyone knows eating the ends of the loaf makes you weird...
    Seriously though...the texture...ugh

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    Nope, I don't eat it. Ew.
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    For me, it all depend on the type of bread. I also try to set a good example for my kids and teach them not to waste anything.

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    Not always but yes I do
    Specially if it's sourdough
    I eat it with butter and occasionally dip it in soup

    The heels off pre cut bread make great sandwiches also

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    The Patient Saakul's Avatar
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    Here'n there
    Maybe ? .

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    The Lightbringer 3DTyrant's Avatar
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    hey, a samich is a samich, am i right? :P aslong as its fresh ofc
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    Quote Originally Posted by p75369 View Post
    Nope, we leave them in the packet to get dry and stale instead of the next good slice.
    This is exactly what I do! Let the shitty end take the brunt of air, leave my good slices alone!

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    My husband eats them but I don't touch them. My mom always used to throw them out for the birds.

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