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    Field Marshal Krull's Avatar
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    Oh for sure. Toast those babies up.

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    To infinity and beyond det's Avatar
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    Sure, why not? It is perfectly edible..why would you throw food away?

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    Epic! Calon's Avatar
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    Never, I feed them to the dogs.

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    Ehhhhhhhh.... mine's normally a bit tough by the time I get to it, I use the front and back pieces kind of like shield for my middle pieces...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke View Post
    You know, the weird part of the loaf.

    Do you? :O
    God yes, so yummy. At least when freshly made

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morthas View Post
    Always, a real man eats it whole.
    this,i'm no pancy saying EESH,it's too hard for my teeth!

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    Dreadlord Natrii's Avatar
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    The loaf is mine...the end pieces are frisbies/snakes for the puppy :P

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    Field Marshal Astarothe's Avatar
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    Fresh baked bread I love the end pieces. If it is in a loaf of store bread though I normally use the ends for a PB sandwich or for toast with coffee in the morning.

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    No never, I give it to the birds

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    of course I do. Nothing wrong with it. Not sure whats some of the breads other people are getting that it goes stale the next day, (other than fresh bakery bread) but mine is groovy till the last slice.
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    The Lightbringer ForsakenFrodo's Avatar
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    Sounds like a specific loaf of bread you're talking about, could I get a picture or something, cause the way you describe it, I can't come up with an image of what you're thinking of.

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    It's the best part, gosh! Toast it and it's all crunchy and awesome.... woo!

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    Posting in an epic thread.

    I eat it when its fresh, or as toast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by breadloafconfessions View Post
    Enough of this child's play. Confession time.

    How many skip the 1st end part, eat all the middle and then leave the two ends for last? Those damn two ends. Mocking you. And there's nothing you can do about it. You could throw them away, but that's denial. In the end, they win.

    Yes :P Though if it's a -bagette-/crusty bread my favorite part is the ends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foofymoonkin View Post
    Best part to make toast with!
    Quote Originally Posted by Talio View Post
    It depends... If I'm making say... A toastie, then yes, I do eat them, The "heels" as I have grown up knowing them are the best for making toasties.
    Quote Originally Posted by Krull View Post
    Oh for sure. Toast those babies up.
    As toast, yes. For a sandwich usually not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by foofymoonkin View Post
    Best part to make toast with!
    QFT. Though the best kind is when you get a nice thick slice from the middle of a fresh loaf and it's too big for a toaster that you throw it in the oven.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wickedkitten View Post
    No that part of the bread scares me
    Exactly this! :|

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    Stood in the Fire yovmit98's Avatar
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    Hell yes! That's an extra sammich!!!!!!!!!

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    I am Murloc! Azutael's Avatar
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    Uhm yes, nothing wrong with it.

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