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    Smile In game guild Secret Santa.

    I realize this isn't hunter related. But I didn't want to rise anyone in my guild to see this.
    There are only few hunters in my guild, I think I'm the only one who considers my hunter my "main". But i wanted to ask for good gift ideas for secret santa.

    The person in charge of the event whispered everyone who signed up, and told them who they would be sending a gift to IN GAME.
    I got a female player *warrior* (The majority of my guild is female)

    I dont really know they player well. Not well enough to know what kinda of things she likes.
    So I ask if my fellow hunters could help me with some good gift ideas?

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    Money for repair bills
    I'm going to do some real damage!

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    What kind of bow/gun is she using? You might be able to get an Engineer to make her a better one, depending.
    I am always happy to have an extra scope on hand in case I get an upgrade...what about vanity pets?

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    It's an in game secret santa... you're pretty much limited to pets and wow gold...

    Unless you want to give her the gift of running an instance with her to farm some item...

    Just go buy a blue whelp off the ah for 500g or whatever and go gift wrap it then call it a day. Again, it's wow... I don't think what you get her will matter too much at the end of the day.

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    When it comes to gifts, like birthdays and stuff I usually don't know what to do and I'm poor so I go to that weird vendor in Shatt and get em something from there :P Or some vendored companion pets, sucks Withers is BOP

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    What profs are you? You can always craft something for them.
    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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