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    We don't sparkle in sunlight.

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    - cops don't go on three day killing sprees in dockers and white t's, just to catch one measily drug dealer... and never have to stop to take a dump.

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    Explosions are loud, you go def (atleast for some time)
    getting punched actually fucking hurts
    it's fucking hard lighting petrol with a dropped cigarette (oh ive tried)
    you can't pay for the pizza by making sweet love to the girl handing it in (oh some1 had to say it)
    people get hungry/dehydrated and most of all they need to urinate/defecate

    oh yeah and after 5days on a strandet island.. my hair looks messy as fuck.. well after any longer period of no showering/excessive work

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    I don't end up happy after each ''adventure''
    I don't have a big destiny in my hands
    I am not a hero
    I can't fly
    I can't appear on a magical world
    Animals don't talk
    Zombies don't exist
    I can go on

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    Every student in elementary schools doesn't go dance with the others all the time like some huge musical...

    You know what I'm talking about?

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    -highschool students can not sync up via brainwaves and all bust out with the same dance and song number

    - <<< beat

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    -Police badges\money\books you have in your pockets do not stop you from getting shot and killed.
    This has been tested by the myth busters :P apparently some items (badges of certain material actually do stop bullets)

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    - car tires blow out, shocks bust, and drivers shit there pants when driving off an overpass onto a lower freeway

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nabol View Post
    And last but not least:
    - Hackers don't play 3D flight simulators to hack their way inside your computer.
    Omg, Swordfish anyone? Christ that was awfull, the hacking/drinking wine scene, hitting enter 20k times and seeing some cube go in another cube yelling Yeah!.. christ.

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    there are no talking animals. not one.

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    When it comes to actionmovies, they survive.
    The pure mental stress from going through stuff like they do in actionmovies is probably enough to take someone out.
    "After dealing with about 10 000 patients over the last 15 years, I would say that over 200 different medical conditions respond favorably to cannabis."
    - The late Dr. Tod Mikuriya, MD, interview in The Union: The business behind getting high
    Former national administrator of the U.S. Government's marijuana research programs

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    Guy gets the hot babe after slaying a dragon. IRL you get purple pixels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    there are no talking animals. not one.
    The parrots' does not agree.

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    There are so many things...

    -Cars dosen't blow up just because you shoot at the gas tank
    -Women don't get instant orgasm just from a dude crawling on top of them (Kinda wish I did, but hey, guess I'm more complicated than that)
    -People dosent ALWAYS fall when being chased
    -Not every geeky girl is a hotty on the inside. Most of them are just geeky
    -People don't look at the person in the passengerseat for that long at a time while driving. That would result in MOAR CARBLOWUPS!
    -Sweating isen't always sexy. Most of the time it's just kinda gross
    -Jumping of trains, cars, buildings and whatnot will most likely result in a broken bone, not an instant sprint and "hot sweating"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex86el View Post
    - punches dont sound like mashing a bag of crackers

    - if u can summon giant eagles to fly to mount doom.... just do it from the start ffs...
    I lol'd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionbar View Post
    The parrots' does not agree.

    Technically they don't talk, only mimic. Talking requires comprehension of what is being said.

    Jumping to 'ride' the shockwave of an explosion does not work. The shockwave will still paste your insides and make you dead.

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    We do not survive being shot in the heart.

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    everytime i see a person driving a car looking at the person on the passenger seat for over 30 seconds i wanna yell " look at the road you dumbass!"
    have been playing for eight years and starting to think that i will never truly quit

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    I dont have a gun/grenade/armory/killer teddy bear/BAZOOKA etc on the other side of the wall (stewie griffin refrence )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mio View Post
    This has been tested by the myth busters :P apparently some items (badges of certain material actually do stop bullets)
    but a bible does not! your heard me kids, dont join a religion. religion is the source of all evil!
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    You can't survive an atomic explosion by hiding in a refrigerator <.<

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