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    Almost everything about computers and hacking in the movies is completely wrong.

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    It ends happily in movies.

    Nuff said!
    No, I don't have anything really interesting to tell you.

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    This thread reminded me of my hate for attention-seekers that try to create drama around every corner and switch their behavior to that of a movie character.

    ew, think about it, and hate as I do. Exterminate them.

    anyways, on-topic:
    - I don't use the same retarded phrases over and over again.
    - I don't store things into the air behind my back.
    - No one is ever willing (thank god) to partner up and do a presentation all of a sudden.
    - family meetings, and calling it that. (wtf?)
    - crawling in air vents.
    - going to the ultimate of too far for one joke.
    - in real life, people actually think before doing something that if it fails, will create some over-dramatic outcome.
    - in real life.
    - in real life, people don't fail as often for the sake of a good storyline...

    @jtgizmo, WTF? that cat thing better be a joke, if it isn't WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU, a cat has a life just as much as you do. and the cat didn't do anything to you, your girlfriend did.

    ..fuck humanity
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    i dont see the black guy die 1st in a group.
    i dont see the woman fall trying to run away.

    i dont see every car that falls down a cliff explode especially 5 seconds later.

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    Bullets actually hit me. and I actually die.

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