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    How many of you guys

    How many of you guys have been in a fight? Now before this post gets like 'Oh im super duper stronger then you", that kind of thread, im just bored and wondering if you guys have been in a fight.

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    I have been in a fight two times. Once where I got the crap beaten outa me, and the other time where some guys from school wouldn't give me my keys back for my back. It ended it with me grabbing his coat and demanding my keys back which he then tossed onto the street into a sewer. Nice guys they were=/ Oh, and I learned martial arts after the first time, so they did not get away easily. Felt good and bad at the same time, but it's an hour long drive dude. Who the F would toss your keys away?

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    Was beaten quite hard by a group of guys(some drunk chavs/neds - whatever you call them in english) nearly 1,5 years ago. Right now I think it was a good thing, because I stopped being lazy and resumed my weight-lifting and boxing training.

    School/college fights don't count I think, everyone been through those, I suppose.

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    I haven't been in a single fight of my life, and I'm actually glad for that.

    I'm also 6'4" 210, played varsity football for three years in high school and still lift a very hardcore(not muscle building) regimen at the gym 4 days a week, so I can't say I've had people try to pick fights either. Overall though, I don't really see the "cool factor" in all of it. You can end up knocking teeth out if you're not careful, that's incredibly expensive.

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    I fought with a good friend of mine once when we were really drunk. It wasn't violent or hateful, we just punched a few times. We also used to do a sort of "Fight Club" in the park which was fun, but I got a few bloody noses.

    I've never been in a hateful fight.

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    How can you know anything about yourself if you've never been in a fight?

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    I usually pick a fight. My temperament...
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    Never been in a fight, luckily. And I'll be the first one to run off if it happens Fights are not for me

    I agree with Badpaladin though, there's no "cool factor" to fighting. Just killing your braincells and get bruces, or worse
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    Quote Originally Posted by NineSpine View Post
    How can you know anything about yourself if you've never been in a fight?
    I can boast more self-control, for one...

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    I punched a mugger once, but i wouldn't call it a fight, other than that, i never have.

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    got my butt handed to me by a group it sucked
    coped the night stick from the police it sucked even more
    but getting king hit and K.O by a female because i smashed her boyfriend for slapping her totaly sucked the most
    never again will i step in and help again some people are just crazy

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    Former rugby player (left prop) i might say i had a quite a lot fights during matches but not many outside of the pitch. If i remember correctly i had like a 4-5 group fights outside the pitch back in high school mostly ended up with some bruises and once with a broken hand and a small wound on my head (courtesy of a shit aim friend of mine who missed the other guy but half a meter sighhh) but since after high school no more fights ppl tend to cool of when u see a couple of heavy guys (gained weight but still my physic aint that bad beside my knee ligaments)

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    Never really been in a fight outside of primary school antics.

    Related: Fight Club is an amazing movie.
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    I can't say I have.

    Then again, i am quite a tall guy (nearly 2m) but not incredibly buff.

    I usually try to avoid fights, but that's because I almost never ever get mad...

    I wish i did get mad more often, because some of that scum just asks for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baabinator View Post
    I can't say I have.

    Then again, i am quite a tall guy (nearly 2m) but not incredibly buff.

    I usually try to avoid fights, but that's because I almost never ever get mad...

    I wish i did get mad more often, because some of that scum just asks for it.
    They're not worth it
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    I've been in fights. Almost exclusively in high school. Once I was jumped by, according to witnesses, 16 guys at once while walking home just for being white (congrats to my school for airing the rodney king incident on school tv that morning... yes I'm that old). But mostly 1v1 or 2v1 fights where I mostly won.

    Edit: I grew up in a very rough neighborhood where I was the minority, and was routinely attacked for it. You learned to defend yourself and hold your own, or you didn't go outside. It made me a stronger person. I'm not a big guy @ 5'6" tall. I've always been on the short side. But I'm rather strong (I used to lift regularly). I'm also ex-military. My whole life I've tried to avoid fights, they just sometimes happen. I think I've only ever started 2 fights in my life, and one of those was to defend someone else. I do, however, stand my ground... which is probably a fault more than a virtue.

    I haven't actually punched anyone in... wow... more than a decade and a half?
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    two times a snowball fight turned into something a lil more physical.. but no real fight seeing as both of the times we had people holding us back..
    there was also this one time at a festival where a dude was trying to sell some dope. and drunk as I was I accidentally asked for the prize after declining(with no intentions of buying).. dude got mad, but I talked my way out of it and luckily didn't get beat up horribly

    all in all I think I'm pretty good at keeping my distance to this kind of shit.. though I've got a few friends that was smacked down by a gang of 4-5people..

    In all honesty I'd never get in to a fight intentionally seeing as I would most likely come out with a broken and and him not even with a scratch, plus I'm a pussy

    I'm about 192cm 70kg so skinny as fuck but tall as hell.

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    I've been in quite some fights :/
    One of them was with this group of kiddies that thought he was some tough shots.
    One of the little bastards hit me in the back. What did I do? I turned around and while I was doing that I prepared a kick and hit him just next to his balls.
    Then ofc the little bastards start grouping around me. Then I grab one to throw him down, but the two of us fall down.
    The little guys immediately start stomping on me, but some adult that was there with his kids got them off me while I could easily stand up and kick their asses.
    Since then I've never seen them in my village XD
    except those dutch guy that thought he was a tough shot. Seen those on my school sometimes.
    I simply look at him and he always got mad saying: "What ya looking at!"
    And I reply with a little smile on my face: "nothing"

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    I play hockey, nuff said.

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    Ive been in too, the first one some guy, drunk off his ass pushed me around for about 5 minutes, i got sick of it, punched him 3 times and walked away, the second one was where a fellow student of mine tried kicking me in the face, so he jumped on my back i flipped in he landed in front of me, i hit him once in the stomach, he left, im not the tallest guy in the world though either. Alot of people think that if your strong you bound to win any fight that comes across you. Thats not true, if you have speed, you have a better chance of winning, thats my point of view though i know other people think diffrently and thats ok.

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