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    You just described me in a nutshell in this regard, albeit I am not as tall.

    Never been in a fight because I very rarely get mad. However I sometimes wish I could indeed. I just have this inner voice telling me it's not worth it on repeat
    This is me too lol.

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    Now first off I know a lot of people BS on forums, but I'm being 100% honest here....I think I'm neither a tough guy nor a coward -- somewhere in between.

    I'm not a young kid so I'm not a part of the current generation of teenagers -- I was raised to not pick fights, but to defend myself. In well over 30 years of life I had only about 3 "fights". 2 were during school, 1 was outside of school and all were before I was in my 20's.

    On the other hand I have "fought" tons of times......because I was in Martial arts for 7 years during which time I went to tournaments.

    But I assumed you meant "real life" fights not sanctioneds sparring matches with refs and judges...

    Side note: One thing I've learned from martial arts and going to tournaments all those years .... our society gets too intimidate by someone's height. the only real reason to fear someone who is considerably taller than you is because they have a much greater reach....but if you know what you are doing and are fast -- you can negate their reach advantage very easily.

    I've seen 110 pound women no taller than 5 ' 0" take down men weighing nearly twice that and 6'2" .

    So what do you fear in someone? Strength. Passion. Mental state. Speed. ....that's would be concerned about the most in an opponent...*

    *= obvious if they have a weapon, like a gun would be first I assuming the person is unarmed.
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    Height and general size serve more to keep you out of fights. As I stated earlier, I'm 6'4"(almost 6'5" but whatever) and 210 pounds, and I've lifted pretty hardcore for about 6 years. I've never been in a fight before, and I'd like to think that because I'm a far bigger guy than most people is the reason why. That isn't to say I'm not aware of some scrappy guys that could wipe the floor with me(hello MMA), but I've also learned some self defense techniques. As a general rule though, most people don't want to get in fights with bigger guys for the simple fact that us bigger guys hit really hard.

    Me and my old football buddy had the genius idea of punching each other in the head after watching jackass. Needless to say we both had blistering headaches for a few days after only three punches each. I wouldn't want to get clocked by a big guy at my own size, let alone 150 pounds.

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    Not a physical fight, I'm not exactly a hated person. Have I had er, disagreements? Of course

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    Seems like alot of people are just the same as me.

    Man i wish a bar specially for us existed, where we could all just get along, and when you bump into someone they don't start throwing a rage-fit but just continue their evening without issues. People these days get SOOOO fucking worked up over the smallest things...

    A clear example that just happened to me on Monday. Me and 2 of my buddies wanted to go to some place, but it snowed like fuck so i was like 2 hours late there. But this other guy (half-friend. You know like the friend of a friend-ish) that was also there and wanted to come along because a girlfriend of mine which he is in "love" with would also be there. So i was like: "Sure mate, no problem". But then when i finally got there 2 hours late he RAGED LIKE CRAZY. I could hear him say stuff like: "I feel like murdering that fucker". I was like: "WTF? How is this my fault?" I even suggested to him kindly enough (before i came late) that i would pick her up so they could talk, but NOOOooo this numb-skull starting trashing about, and lifting thing, pretend-punching the wall, and headbutting a lamp... which he then broke lol. I this to show his strength or something?

    Anyways, I just kept my cool. Didn't say anything offensive to him, avoided talking about me being late (which wasn't my fault in the first place, but aaaaanyways), and probably won't see him ever again... at least that's what i'm aiming for.

    People like this need to fucking grow up.

    And now I feel kinda uncomfortable going to my best-friends house, because he's there a lot as well.

    Just something i wanted to share and get out of my heart >.>
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    A lot. But nothing ever serious. My favorite is when a guy jumped on my back and i threw him off me, head down.

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    I've never been in a fight or well a serious fight. I don't like to get physical and people should avoid it if they can.

    [Infracted - Thread Necro]
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    Holy shit, dat 2010 necro

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    Quote Originally Posted by durrtygoodz View Post
    Holy shit, dat 2010 necro
    I always wonder how people manage to even find these threads to reply to...
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    What kind of fight? I was born and raised in a small town. Everyone knows everyone else.

    A fight there is one on one, maybe someone eats a pitchfork to the leg. Smoke one when its done.

    Moved to a heavily populated place where everyone acts like they came from MTV, too many people and hardly anyone knows anyone else.

    A fight there is all friends and gangs. Everyone is too pussy to take a hit and you have to wait to find your problem alone.

    A fight is not universal. The only measure of respect was in knowing the person you fought, his family and friends. You had to answer for your choices. In big cities, pussies hide behind friends and run away from the actions. They grow up to be adult children.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgummage View Post
    I always wonder how people manage to even find these threads to reply to...
    Cause the idea is to not double post, yet not to necro..
    it get's a little confusing, but man, this IS subject matter you see almost biweekly on here tho.

    Anyhow I am gay and went to uni in texas, so yea I have had my ass kicked and kicked ass a few times.
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    Only a few as a kid, nothing bad as an adult.

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    Been beaten up by 3 people recently. Literally one came and I was like, "Okay maybe I have a shot" and then I saw 2 others come and was just thinking, "fuck this". Needless to say I stopped feeling the pain after awhile and just became numb.
    Hey everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magekid View Post
    I completely disagree.

    Fighting seems really pointless to me. It does not solve anything and it does not give me a satisfying feeling at all. It only hurts, and I don't like being hurt.
    Fighting can prevent harm further on.

    I've been in lots of fights. They kept me alive. That is really all it did for me, but it's enough because I'm still here.

    Basically: I call it a win when people (even if momentarily) stop attempting to maim me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgummage View Post
    I always wonder how people manage to even find these threads to reply to...
    He searched how many of you guys. Don't ask why.

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    Been in plenty of fights in my youth until the day my brother got stabbed in the chest and i got bottled over the head, since then I've been a lot calmer. I won't ever back down though.

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    Not in a long time. Back in school, I was always the skinny/nerdy type of kid. It got me my ass kicked a few times, but I didn't back down or just lay down and take shit from the bigger kids. It's been a really long time since the last time I got in an actual fight though. It's never happened in my adult life (10 years), at least.

    I'm still not a big guy, but I'd say I still wouldn't take shit or back down if it came down to it. If you get up in my face and make me feel threatened, I'll at least try. I'd try my best to avoid it, but I'll defend myself if I have to.
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    This thread was necroed from 2010, so I'm just going to lock it.

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