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    Nov 2010
    Just outside the blast radius.
    1. Own every company that has ever appeared or advertised in the New York Times.
    2. Perfect health (physical and mental) for me and my friends and family
    3. The power to control the outcome of every election held on this planet

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    I would wish to be able to go invisible.

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    More wishes would be obvious...

    But, assuming that's off the table.

    1) Omniscient

    Don't really care for anything else, but becoming omniscient, would let me know the other 2 perfect wishes.

    People wishing for a game company are thinking too small. Go for limitless wealth and buy every gaming company. To me, wanting to be in charge of a gaming company, is set up for a monkey paw wish.

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    1. Complete understanding of the universe, how it works ect. Finally I could find out what the hell is going on!
    2. Shapeshifting
    3. Telekinesis

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    Too many smart asses with the "i wish for more wishes trololol"

    1. Billionaire
    2. Ma Friends were Billionaires
    3. The weather would brighten up in britain

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    Fullerton, CA
    1) keep current steady pay check I have (I'd rather be happy and moderately wealthy, than be miserable and rich)
    2) Good health for my family
    3) My own brewery

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    1) I wish I could be successful at anything I try
    2) The ability to manipulate time
    3) Create a working Robot Communism country
    Quote Originally Posted by Daimyon
    Well one thing's for sure, they couldn't very well let Saurfang run the Horde.* Could you imagine how impossible it would be to raid horde's main city if the alliance had to face the Cleave Master?
    [4:LocalDefense] Orgrimmar is under... nevermind.

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    1. I want my own medieval-style castle (with electricity and running water of course) in the location of my choice
    2. I want a movie made out of the book I'm currently writing (and actors who actually have the accents I intend for them to have)
    3. Can I wish for a dragon or am I going too far out there now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkdruidelf View Post
    1. Complete understanding of the universe, how it works ect. Finally I could find out what the hell is going on!
    2. Shapeshifting
    3. Telekinesis
    1. It's a holographic entity, that shapes based on your thoughts/feelings. You are universe.
    2. I belive it can be done (in theory).
    3. CAN be done, quiety eazy with some practice, meditaion and belief. As the matter of fact, everything can be done if you belive it can be.

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    1.The ability to raise the dead and bend them to my will.(lich king 2.0)
    2.Time travel.(because if someone tries to kick my ass for the above wish reason i can travel back in time and do it again!)
    3.ability to fly or levitate.

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    Not where you are.
    Complete control over shapeshifting

    Complete mind control

    Infinent more wishes
    "I see nothing. I hear nothing. I taste victory."

    "Trolling (verb): speaking your honest opinion." - you know who

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    1) Immortal (With the option to kill myself through a ritual, just incase.)
    2) Teleportation (The ability to teleport to places I've been / can see from where I am. Jumper style.)
    3) Ability to fly (Well, it's cool.)

    I'll probably be rich enough to buy whatever I need with all these powers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pateuvasiliu View Post
    he's not the richest man in the world atm..just saying

    Also i doubt you'd be able to do what he WILL do:donate like 90% of it for charity and let your relatives take 10%

    /respect for him
    then again, he makes more money in a day than most will earn there entie life!
    thats alot....

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    The Netherlands
    I would wish that people would stop wishing for more wishing for themselves with my first wish. (Selfish)
    I would spend my second wish on making sure everyone would get one wish.
    And with my thirth wish, I would make sure the coming wishes can't hurt anyone/the world.
    "When there is an evil justice cannot defeat, what would you do? Would you taint your hands with evil to defeat evil? Or would you carry out your own justice and succumb to that evil?". - Code Geass

    Also, here is a link to my Döppelganger ^_^

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    The Most Idiotic Nation In The World
    1. I wish for my following two wishes to be completely as I imagine, not as they might actually be. (As in, I wish to be invisible but I can't see since light passes through my eyes.)

    2. I wish for complete and total control over everything that has been, is, and will be in existence whenever I wish.

    3. I wish for the ability to create things into existence at will.
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    I've only had one wish for quite a while now, but I'll keep it my little secret :] Nothing so simple as teleportation or anything, as grand as that would be.
    Imagine a perfect, cloudless midnight, cold as winter ice and shrouded in shadow. That is Sithis.
    Tarhiel Raniss Garuk Azurra Vaermina Cemetrygates

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    A mountain in the middle of the cabins
    1. Remove all traces of idiocy from humans.
    2. Give animals the ability to think and speak intelligently
    3. Invulnerability and infinite life.
    A simple change that can improve the female worgen:

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    1. megan fox is my wife
    2. win the lottery
    3. teleportation

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    1. Wish for immortality
    2. Wish for 1 billion dollars
    3. Wish I had my own KFC inside my house that I buy, and I get it for free ofc and that I can never gain weight or get bad health from it as KFC tastes gewd az

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    Wish for the ability to create anything as I imagine it

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