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    1. Teleportation.
    2. That I don't need to sleep. Ever.
    I would save the last wish to later.
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    1: Be able to wield mystic forces
    2: Be Dragonkin
    3: Reserved for Later
    For the Worgen! Furries of WoW unite!

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    What's the point of playing an easy game? When did this huge subset of people come to video games, wanting not a challenge, but some kind of interactive facebook type thing with spells?

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    Register at wishlantis to fulfill your long standing wishes. Find your genies who will help you to fulfill your wishes. Also win $50 amazon gift cards by reporting errors and bugs in the site.

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    I have three wishes. Three yummy wishes....
    1. Lose around 80 lbs
    2. 50000 Trillion Dollars
    3. The Ability to help those in need

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    1. Punch your jeans.
    2. Punch your jeans.
    3. Punch your jeans.

    It would bring me satisfaction in large amounts.
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    Obviously Garrosh would win, it's like a gorilla vs a human... do you know how strong a gorilla is? He'll snap your dick off and throw it in the tall grass. Garrosh = dick-snapper.
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    Sure. When I wake up in the middle of the night with a full tank, I just flip back the curtain and let it flow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fixati0n View Post
    Probably already been said, but I don't care.

    I'd wish for FOUR more wishes!

    With the other two, I don't really know. Just for myself and everyone I love to be happy I guess.

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    1-Stealth Ability
    2-Can go in slow Motion, kinda like the matrix
    3-Wish for 3 More Wishes, if it wont work then.....Duno i'll save the 3rd wish =p
    "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."~Bill Cosby

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    1) The abilities of every class in WoW with infinite use. (It would be fun to polymorph my friends in penguins, plus conjure food=end of world hunger or at least mine. And who doesn't want an astral recall, redemption, rebirth, ability to summon demons, to set traps etc.)
    2) Infinite money (Of course I could always sell my food that i conjured)
    3) Save this one for an emergency, likely wishing for a genies lamp (but making sure the genie is dumb and cant trick me)

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    1) an Army of loyal followers that would never betray me...some call them friends
    2) A Healthy Good looking Girl to settle down with
    3) Unlimited "herbs"

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    1. The ability to move objects with my mind.
    2. The ability to sway a woman with my bland tasteless pick up lines.
    3. To be resistant to all infections, diseases, viruses, cancer, ect...

    I don't want money because I like being a second class citizen, I feel money will alienate me (But I guess the other powers would too).[COLOR="red"]

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    1.Enslave the being powerful enough to grant my wishes.
    2.Nerf Paladins to crap
    3. End Justin Beibers career. forever.

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    1. that all the riches people in the world would send me 10% of their worth
    2. not having to tax my money
    3. mind control duh

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    1- The ability of summoning a genie with unlimited wishes

    2- ????

    3- Profit!!

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    hmm... lets see

    1) Ability to enter WoW from Real Life. (C'mon someone had to say it)
    2) Healty and wealthy life
    3) Immortality ^^

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    1) Wealth
    2) Happiness
    3) Full knowledge of all physical laws of the universe

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    1) Punch your jeans
    2) Punch your jeans
    3) Punch your jeans

    Doing this would bring me satisfaction in large amounts.

    It would appear, Sobebauxite and Kneeo, that we see eye to eye in this jean-punching game.
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    1. get a free life (inc. foods, apartment, and no working)
    2. more Game Time to WoW!!
    3. SuperComputer!

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    1. Immortality [come on, easy one :]
    2. Insane luck in everything [important too]
    3. A lil' boost in brain activity won't hurt as the last one ^^

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    1. Religion removed.
    2. Being a great guitar player.
    3. Alot of money.

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    Under your bed >:)
    I want to be able to eat all the junk food I want but without getting fat or unhealthy in any way, to be able to pause time and restart it again and for my last wish I would like a life so I could stop posting on mmo at midnight...

    'And all will burn beneath the shadow of my chin'


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