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    Requirement for heroics: Item level bug

    Hey everyone here on mmo-champ, first I would like to say I'm sorry if there has already been a thread about this, I did search and found nothing.

    So heres my problem I have been 85 for a few days now since about friday. I have been grinding reg instances trying to get the 329 item level requirement for heroics. I have been stuck on item level 327 for the past 4 days. I have gotten many 333 and even a 347 from rep, it has not moved. What gives? Has anybody else ran into this problem? Does anybody know whats going on with this? I want my damn heroics!

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    put mammoth cutters in your bag

    you're welcome

    unless the patched this

    but last i checked it increases your average item level by 13

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    I haven't experienced that exact bug, however I did experience a much more annoying situation involving heroics requirements. The patch that they made 2 days ago (tuesday night) for some reason dropped my ilevel from 334 to 322... Do to this I was unable to queue for heroics, even though I had been succesfully healing heroics and had heroic items as well as a few chaos orbs from the runs, and was forced run regulars again to get my Ilevel back up to "heroic" quality. ilevel requirements shouldn't be necessary for heroics. I'm not sure what caused the change with the ilevel but it had something to do with the patch. I literally left for an hour for dinner and came back and was unable to queue for heroics.

    Edit: of course as soon as i post this he mentions the mammoth cutters which i do have in my bags still >.> guess thats what that minor patch was for :*(

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    I think the heroic ilvl is fine, but they need weighted averages, or a truncated average. A weapon, for example, is a HUGE factor in your ability, and should count 1.5x for your average, or 2x. Or take the highest and lowest items and drop them(say you have a heroic DBW that you just don't want to get rid of) and calculate the average from there, equalizing it making up for the one item thats really low.

    On topic: No, I've never come across that particular bug, but I was stuck replacing multiple items to 333 trying to bring it up, with little or no effect(or dropping my last 316 for a 333 and it only bringing it up by 1 point).

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    Hey guys thanks for helping I ran a few more and now it says i have a Item level of 332 so I'm now able to que for heroics!

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    Pink Mageweave Shirt = ilvl 47.
    Master Builder's Shirt = ilvl 56.

    hotfix incoming in 3...2...1...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricecooker View Post
    ilevel requirements shouldn't be necessary for heroics.
    They most certainly are. Otherwise you have fresh 80s queuing and not being able to do a damn thing.

    That being said, if it doesn't work this way already, you should be able to form your own group for heroics and only have the ilvl requirement on LFD groups.

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