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    the time it takes to skin monsters have been greatly decreased.

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    Currently there are too many factions too play, this might be fixed in future patches

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    Posting in soon to be legendary thread.


    There is a bug where guards arrest anybody engaging in World PvP and will not stop doing so until said PvPers have been caught, this will be fixed in a future patch, and has already been fixed in certain zones such as Battlegrounds and Chicago.

    All new battleground is now available! Afghanistan. There is no objective and is thus pointless as honor points have now been removed.

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    Quantum physics have effected your backpack and will no longer allow you to carry multiple armor sets, consumables, and several thousand gold.
    Playing 2's is like shooting yourself in the kneecaps and wondering why it hurts.

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    the difference between racial abilities is too great. this will be balanced in a future patch.

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    All undead are actually dead now and cannot reroll, also draenai are now stuck in area 51. Plz blizz fix this.

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    Ghehe awesome post!..

    fantasy stays fantasy i want to see some flying beasts or very very hot girls when ever i think about it!.. this needs to be addressed by the higher up folks fast!.. plox

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    Cars moving faster than 90 km/h is now untargettable by the police.
    Trading over $10,000 USD has a chance to refund the dollar to the trading person. We are looking into it and will be fixing it soon.
    Due to a bug you can't recieve more than 4 mails at a time, commercials included.

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    Mana and Focus has been removed from the game. All classes now have energy.
    Rage is now a spell that makes u talk louder.

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    The amount of time to gain a level has been greatly increased.
    Most of profession trainers are now untargetable at night.
    The spirit healer is bugged, still.
    Rogues hemorragee damage has been buffed.
    Object collision has been implemented.

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    Most underwater breathing buffs have stopped working. Fix in a future patch.
    Rules of the game being constantly broken. Our GMs are working day and night to stop thes..... OMG DONUTS!!!

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    All player health values have been lowered by 95%.

    Rogue energy no longer generates unless the rogue is under the affect of a "well fed" buff.

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    Goldfarmer's have greatly decreased in the recent patch. Seems to be a uprise in Inn usage.

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    If you're religious, everything it working as intended.

    If you have any base in science it could be considered bugged. Evolution, natural selection, diseases, could be considered unintended bugs if the world was a patch.

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    QQ The Americans always win The Battle for the Oil Fields. Plz Fix. KTHNXBAI!
    If people criticized the Bible as much as they criticize WOW we'd all be atheists.

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    All bosses that stand 2-3 stories taller than you can now crush you under their foot.

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    Wasn't the show Flash Forward kinda like this?
    I'm a random windstorm, shakey! shakey!

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    Any piece of gear equipped no longer grants you any other stats than varying amounts of armor.

    Rogues can no longer deal damage through plate armor.

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    Patch Notes:
    -Americans will no longer be able to gank players in zones that have made the Americans mad.
    -There have bee a lot of posts on the issue of why some guilds haven't been able to obtain "Working as a Team." This is not a bug. Most guilds have to many players hostile towards each other and are unwilling to work towards a common goal, often diverging into 2 or more so called "parties," this may be addressed in a future patch.
    -To make the Olympics battle field more even, Tenacity has been given to the countries with inadequate numbers.
    -"Fast Food" will no longer give the debuff "Lazy Slob." This debuff was intended to divert people away, yet did the exact opposite. No consuming "Fast Food" will give you the buff "Athletic Super Star," increasing your attributes in every field. Sorry, will not work if you're over 40 playing American football.
    -Working 40+ hours a week will now give you a 1 week buff decreasing all bills by 50%. Every hour over 40 will add to the percentage by .1.25%.
    -Segways can now fly
    -Downing Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hiltion, and the Jersey Shore Council now correctly drops loot, and will no longer spawn law enforcement adds. This was an unintentional bug.
    If people criticized the Bible as much as they criticize WOW we'd all be atheists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malgarroth View Post
    Posting in soon to be legendary thread.
    that ruins the legendariness of any thread.
    good job!

    Players under level 18 now cannot do anything without the consent of at least one player of above level 30.
    New players can only be created through 2 invitations from players over level 18 (of different gender), or with the new "adopt-a-friend" scheme.
    Once you party with another player, it is considered to be common sense to stick with them until you're level 85.

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