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    Quote Originally Posted by rhorle View Post
    If you cast DI on another lock their DI gets canceled out. So if you cast the DI on your affliction lock. Your DI would be canceled once the Affliction lock casts their DI on the Shadow Priest.
    Ok that's what I needed to know. Thanks rhorle!

    So basically, we either need to stack it on the spriest or one of us hit the spriest and the other the chicken???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hmrhead View Post
    Ok that's what I needed to know. Thanks rhorle!

    So basically, we either need to stack it on the spriest or one of us hit the spriest and the other the chicken???
    One on the moonkin, one on the priest.

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    you never want to put it on a healer, never ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holydruid View Post
    you never want to put it on a healer, never ever.
    I heard resto druids are fans of DI.

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    Generally having the extra dps from giving it to a moonkin or spriest is preferable to the extra healing from giving it to a resto druid, but not always.

    There's something to be said for 100% uptime >.>

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    uptime in single target(balerock):
    rdru 100% and 3 stack before pull
    spriest 95-99%
    moonkin and subrogue 90%+

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    Hello Warlocks!

    I'm writing an addon to suggest a good Dark Intent target and to track proc uptime. It's called EndarkenMe and it's on WowAce as an alpha project.

    You will need to install libGroupTalents and libTalentQuery from, they are required for the addon to get spec information about your party members.
    NOTE: determining the spec of a party member requires inspection and Blizzard has kind of messed up the inspection mechanism. If party members are out of range, it may take a while to come up with a choice. The latest version will try to "go with what it knows" and may recommend a different choice later. Regardless, I think an addon can figure out spec faster in most cases than it can be done manually.

    So, here's what you get...
    EndarkenMe (edm) creates a small frame that has a Dark Intent spell button and some status bars to track proc and buff uptime on the DI target.

    If you are alone, it will cast DI on your pet if you click the button.

    If you are in a party or raid group, edm will inspect the party members and select the best candidate based on Gherkin's priority lists at the beginning of this thread. I have merged healers these lists based on feedback from Gherkin. Since there is a lot of math behind the priority, they are static. The selection is based completely on class and spec (and 1H or 2H weapons if it get down to DKs) but no other dynamic info like haste or gear level. If you know somebody in your raid group will do more DPS or give you better procs, you may want to just cast on them manually. ( I may add a "favorites" at some time in the future )

    If you are in a party, it will pick using the personal uptime list. (I know you want to show off and be #1 on Recount)
    If you are in a raid, it will determine your spec, and then pick from the corresponding spec based raid priority list (You are a team player, aren't you?)

    The selection will be set as the target of the Dark Intent spell button. (This is a protected action, so it will not happen if you are in combat, but I have not found this to be a problem)

    The selected target will be shown on the edm frame and clicking the spell button will cast DI on that person.
    The target will get a whisper, "Hello <name>, please stay near while I cast Dark Intent"
    Click the spell button and The buff bar should go to 30 minutes.

    You can toggle the window using "/edm toggle". You can also use "/edm auto" to auto toggle. (Sorry, state not yet saved through logons.)

    Auto toggle will hide the window if you have the buff cast on a target. It will show again if the target dies and the buff is lost or if there is less than 5 minutes remaining on the buff.

    When you get Dark Intent procs, the proc bar will show how many stacks and a 7 second timer. (If frame is not hidden)

    The time in combat, total DI time and DI time at 1, 2, and 3 stacks is tracked and you can see the information by typing "/edm totals" in your chat window

    It will look something like this.

    Total Combat Time: 11:00
    Total Dark Intent Time: 12:00*
    Total time at 1 stack: 2:00 (16.66%)
    Total time at 2 stacks: 3:00 (25%)
    Total time at 3 stacks: 7:00 (58.33%)

    *yes, your DI time can exceed combat time, especially with resto druid since their HOTs will proc before and after combat.

    You can see information about you group with "/edm party", "/edm raid", or "/edm group", they are synonymous, so if you use party in a raid, it still works.

    I am sure this still has bugs in it, (thus the alpha status) but I would welcome any bug reports, suggestions or feedback if you would like to try it out.

    Please PM me here with any questions or suggestions.

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    Will you be updating this thread for 4.3? Always Recruiting Exceptional Players! 8/8hc

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    So, here's what you get...
    EndarkenMe (edm) creates a small frame that has a Dark Intent spell button and some status bars to track proc and buff uptime on the DI target.
    instead of a small frame with a button can u aswell make a slash command so we can macro that, I find that preferable so I can just put a button somewhere instead of having a persistent frame around

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    I wouldn't be surprised to see those rankings changed in favor of fire mages in 4.3 because of the fire buffs and t13 tier bonus that almost doubles combustion dot usage.

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    Druid haste caps.

    Quote Originally Posted by Baneat View Post
    Ask your restos about what their haste rating is before you give them it.

    Like 400 (Quite rare) GIVE!!!!

    around 1000 = Don't give

    around 1500 = GIVE

    around 2000 = Don't give

    3% haste is so freakin useless unless it's used to get to certain breaking points on HoTs, give it to an HPaladin or some DPS who can benefit.
    People on my raid didnt understood.

    1. 2005 haste cap.
    2. Most of my heals are instants or hots.
    3. I dont spamm direct heals.

    Still they didnt get. So I get down to 1602 haste, reforge to mastery and and make the warlock happy.

    At 2005 haste for a resto druid, 3% haste its a waste. Also the extra 400 haste u need to get 2005.


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    The shadow priests in my guild get to be pretty bitchy when it comes to DI now that fire is viable. Should mages be getting DI or not? It seemed pretty close in 4.2 and with the new buffs to fire it seems like it would pull ahead and be better Raid DPS on a mage.

    Any math out there for 4.3 that could end all the crying going on over who should be getting the buff?

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    so now that sub roguesare viable where do they come if combat with it's single dot is 11th where would sub with it's 3 dots come?

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    Can someone calculate this for Patch 4.3 please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galive View Post
    Can someone calculate this for Patch 4.3 please?
    Would be nice Also it would be great taking legendary into the account.

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    Thank you for your hard work. Not just as a Shadow Priest gaining invaluable information convincing others that we should receive this buff, but also as a friend who you help out a lot with more than just theory-crafting

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    Would also love to see a updated list for 4.3 and with the legendary staff taken into account.

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    I would also like to see this updated. I did some verification on DI mechanics today for SV hunters. DI does affect (and proc off of) explosive shot, black arrow, serpent sting and explosive trap. It doesn't not affect/proc off of the Vishanka bow proc. Given the changes to LnL and BA, SV's damage from periodic effects is much higher these days (looks like about 46.4% from my H Ultraxion kill today) and the uptime should also be higher. This is compared to the fire mage in my group which had 46% damage from periodic effects (although I'm not sure if there are parts of legendary staff proc which are scaled off of it that don't show up in the log). I doubt this ranks SV above shadow priests and fire mages since there's also the value of the haste to calculate into it, but I expect our ranking is higher than it was when this list was made.

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