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    To add to that....

    Deep Freeze doing damage was really just a band-aid fix to help Frost stay competitive. So its unsurprising it no longer deals damage. Kind of gimmicky that you couldn't do your full damage to stunnable mobs anyways.
    Deep Freeze originally did damage AND stunned, but the damage was removed in early Wrath. Wasnt put back in till like TOC i think.

    It sucks to see that huge hit go, but BF-FFB is criting for around 76-79k for me on PTR. IL is getting around 56-58k and it cleaves with the glyph. I held 47-52k on every boss in the ICC I ran the other night. It was glorious.

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    Guys , could you tell me please what is best aoe rotation for frost ? There are many bosses with lots of adds , could you please tell what should i do ?

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    WOW this was super confusing. Both Kuni's old and new thread have exactly the same name and Elenica managed to google/mmosearch this one out of the mud.

    Since this is in no way spammy or malicious or intentional, I choose not to infract for major thread necromancy.
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