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    Omen is recruiting a tank and healer,10 man.

    Omên is looking for a healer and a tank to complete its roster for Cataclysm! We are a 10 man guild on the server Alexstrasza with a group of players who have a history of top end raiding experience. Our collective raiding achievements include, Grand Crusader, Light of Dawn, Bane of the Fallen King, Alone in the Darkness (10 and 25), Herald of the Titans, Celestial Defender, and many more.

    Why Omên?

    Many of us have been in top end and competitive raiding guilds and have found things we like, and things we did not like. We have learned good and bad ways of doing things from these guilds and are exercising our wisdom on this guild. Many people leave guilds because of issues with drama or poor progression/performance, and we understand that. So we have made a guild where there is a no drama policy, simply put if you are stirring the pot you will be sat. We have been in guilds where players who are constantly dying to stupid mistakes are repeatedly invited back, and smart play is neither recognized nor rewarded. In Omên this will not be tolerated, we are a group of players who strive to play perfectly. Raiders are expected to be on top of the most recent changes to their class and the newest boss strats and abilities. As well as have the best enchants and consumables at raid time. This may sound like the same dried out and recycled line that you have read over and over, but there is one difference. We mean it. We will have the best 10 players in the raid when we start and finish each night.

    What can you expect from us?

    Plain and simple, we raid like professionals. But that doesn’t mean we won’t have fun while doing it. No matter how serious we take this game, we are a group of adults who like to laugh and have fun. Raiding with a stick up your but isn’t fun, and we don’t intend to do that. In a 10 man guild it is common to see them as less active than their 25 player counter parts, but this is not the case with Omên. We love our alts, and we can usually be found on one of our many characters with one or more other guildmates doing something. We will also be hosting a guild sponsored alt run, in which guild members are invited to participate in on their alts.

    Extra Babble…

    -While experience is wonderful, and certainly a plus, our biggest requirement is that you have a history of competitive raiding. This does not have to be on the character that you wish to play in Cataclysm. If you do not have a history of competitive raiding, but have logs/parses that can show us you are up to snuff we would still ask you to apply.

    -We require raiders to maintain a 90% attendance standard.
    For more information about us including raid times and loot information, please visit our new website.

    - We pay for all repairs once you make raider, and a portion up to then. guild is level 5.

    Where do you find us -Omenofalex.guildzilla.com
    or contact Adalak or Cylana in game on Alexstrasza.
    We look forward to hearing from you!!
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    1 tank 1 healer

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    Hello, just checking in.

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