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    [A] <Get Cranked> - Recruiting For 10M Cataclysm Raids (Shadow Council)

    <Get Cranked> is currently recruiting for Cataclysm 10M raids. We are 7/10 for our core 10 man. Our goal is to progress quickly and efficiently through Cataclysm content via our experienced leadership, dedication and high standards. Formed by 3 long time friends with a desire to run their own guild, Get Cranked is currently farming heroics to gear up our members. With our leader's experience ranging from vanilla Naxxramas to Sunwell to heroic 25M LK kills, Get Cranked is looking for RAIDERS not BENCHWARMERS. Since we plan on being a group of core 10, joining means you are guaranteed a raid spot. However, this also means we expect our raiders to have a minimum of 90% attendance. We also expect our raiders to inform themselves with resources such as Elitist Jerks.

    Raid Times:

    Monday - 7-10 MST (8-11 CST)
    Tuesday - 7-10 MST (8-11 CST)
    Thursday - 7-10 MST (8-11 CST)


    2 healers
    1 ranged DPS

    We're accepting all applications from extraordinary players, regardless of whether you fit our recruitment needs.

    If this sounds like the guild for you, please go to our website where you can find all the info regarding our standards, raid policies and ultimately, the application!


    You can also contact Laddergoat, Jassamûne or Blitzpulse in game with questions and concerns.
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    Bump. We've filled our ranged dps spot and are now looking for 2 healers.

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