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    [Priest] Rules, Important Threads, etc. (Read Before Posting)

    So, this is going to be pretty straightforward. Welcome to the Priest boards. Just laying the groundwork for what needs to be said, here.

    Some rules, and clarifications for the long-time posters, as well as newcomers to our site.

    1) Necro'ing isn't always a necro.
    If you add something to a seemingly closed discussion, something that wasn't already said in that particular discussion, then by all means, please do.
    2) Look at the first two pages before posting your own thread.
    This one's more of a continuation of the first rule. If there's already a given thread on a topic, we don't need 3 more threads for "omg im oom". Threads will be locked without notice. Please.
    3) Trolling
    Nonsense posts can be funny. Funny posts even in a serious thread can make coming to these boards actually amusing (Greatest part of my morning sometimes). But offensive garbage will not be tolerated. Non-constructive posts that hinder or derail discussions are not appreciated.
    4) "Spec" Trolling
    This will get you banned. So long as both specs are viable (Viable, not necessarily optimum), if someone is asking "How can I do this fight as <spec>" and looking for tips, tricks, or a couple talents to shift, answer in the context. I didn't tolerate "spec disc lolz" for Wrath, I won't tolerate "spec Holy" as an answer to Disc questions, now.
    5) Lightwell.
    It's like the way it is because Blizzard likes it the way it is. It's powerful, it's stupid. It's lolwell. Whatever. But we are sick of the "Make Lightwell like ToC". You know why? Because we all made that noise a year and a half ago when we saw it the first time. We even got a blue response because the priest doesn't need another "fire and forget" spell. Don't like the spell? Fine, don't take it. But bringing up ToC is ban material, this is the only warning you'll get.

    We have a couple stickies, and some really strong gems for posts. Please, use them. Infact, here's a list of all our helpful threads!

    Threads of Awesome:
    Uses for Mind Control
    A work in progress from Dharmabhum, to dig up all the awesome things to use for Mind Control in PvE.

    Leveling Guides:
    Disc/Holy Levelling Guide
    Marraphy did a good job of putting together a recommended smite variation for lower level zones, letting you stay in a variation of your healing spec to help queue for dungeons while you're at it.

    If someone has a shadow variant they'd like to make, feel free to do so.

    Level 85 Content
    Pre-Raid Gearing:
    Pre-Raid Priest Gearing (Healing)
    Pre-Raid Priest Gearing (Shadow)
    Malic went and compiled these, updating with suggestions throughout. A good read for where/when to spend your Justice Points.

    Healing PvE:
    Lightwell and You: The Wild and Ambiguous Tale of a Holy Priest
    The wonderful and quite humorous take on this spell in our new healing environment, put forward by ramennoodleking. Anything regarding this spell belongs in here.
    [Priest] Everything you never wanted to know about regen
    Danner, yet again, goes out of his way to give us the numbers on those little blue bars and what makes them tick.
    Regen Trinkets
    Kalmah brought a list of the 359 trinkets, and the questions as to which ones are actually better found its way towards becoming a good discussion worth checking out.

    UI threads
    Your Priest UI (healing)
    Your Priest UI (shadow)
    Doing... whatever he does, iLive has tried to get a headstart on a "post your awesome UI" threads as we roll into Cataclysm content.

    How to ask for help the safe and sure way
    How to ask for help - The safe and sure way!

    Our "sticky" content is still sorely lacking. We are currently in need of:
    Shadow Levelling
    Healing the Endgame
    A decent Starter PvP thread
    If you feel you are up to the task, by all means write one, or get in contact with one of the moderators.
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